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Digital UT technique in a compact desktop housing

The compact digital instruments are light-weight and handy and offer up-to-date technique which leads the user safely through the application by means of a convenient menu guidance. For the various application fields of nondestructive UT testing three instrument types are available:
  • ECHOGRAPH 1091 BASIC with all necessary functions for ultrasonic testing
  • ECHOGRAPH 1091 DAC with additional features for an easy signal evaluation with DA
  • ECHOGRAPH 1091 DGS/DAC with the additional possibility of a comfortable DGS-evaluation
A subsequent upgrade to a more capable expansion level is possible at any time later.

 Proven Measurement Technique in a Desktop Housing
As an alternative to the compact portable instrument ECHOGRAPH 1090 the ECHOGRAPH 1091 in a desktop housing is available, providing the same digital measurement technique and fitted with a built-in mains unit. The instrument mainly aims on stationary operation, e.g. in laboratories, but is in addition capable of executing simple automated testing tasks.
If mobile operation is required as well: An easily accessible battery compartment on the rear panel may accommodate a lithium ion battery. Thus up to 13 operating hours are possible with one fully charged battery. If a longer operating time is needed the dead battery may be replaced easily by a fresh one. The charger unit is incorporated in the instrument so charging may be executed without removing the battery from the unit. Alternatively the battery may be charged via a separate charger unit outside of the instrument.
The ECHOGRAPH 1091 is fitted with a large (16.4 cm / 6.4 in. diagonal) colour display, which permits clear perceptibility of echo indications, readings and of the neatly arranged operating menu even from a greater distance. Besides the five freely-programmable function keys for the essential instrument set-up each operating parameter may be shown in plain text and clearly arranged on the screen and selected from there.
Lesser experienced operators may start an electronic wizard which facilitates the set-up of the connected probes and the instrument adjustment.
The fast digital ultrasound electronics with high sampling rate and a pulse repetition frequency of up to 1500 Hz permits access to two monitor gates for the measurement of transit time and amplitude. Two alarm LEDs on the front panel support the user with optical monitoring of excess or dropping-below of the threshold values. The large A-scan memory holds up to 224 data sets with A-scans, parameters and time.
The new ECHOGRAPH 1091 is the ideal instrument for stationary manual UT in laboratories or similar industrial fields. By means of the optionally built-in battery mobile testing is possible as well. Since by default the monitor signals are available via digital switching outputs with a selectable statistical clearing the instrument may be used for simple automatic testing tasks as well. The interface boxes IFB which are available as accessory facilitate the connection to programmable logic controllers (PLC).
 Featured Highlights (amongst others) ...

DGS/DAC version:
  • DGS and DAC curve with 4 additional evaluation curves shown directly on the screen
  • amplitude evaluation relative to DGS/DAC-curve (dBrel)

TFT-LC-Display with 6.4" (16.4 cm) A-screen size suitable for daylight, can be read in direct sunlight, 256 colours

Easy operating by plain language and windows technique

Five freely programmable function keys

Essential instrument parameters accessible via direct keys
 Plus ...
  • Desktop aluminium case with incorporated mains-/charger unit
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery for up to 13 hrs operating time, safe automatic quick charge function controlled by internal charging processor
  • Energy saving in battery mode
  • Selectable colour display for measuring mode and menu operation
  • Operating language, parameter and help texts editable via PC and can be stored in the instrument
  • Assisting wizard during probe handling and instrument adjustment (DAC, AWS, DGS, ...)
  • Reference A-Scan in the background
  • Freezable echo dynamics curve
  • USB interface
  • VGA output for external monitor
  • Probe data base for up to 99 different probes for easy entering of probe data, even for any kind of probes
  • Measurement of wall thickness between the echoes within both monitors. Evaluation either between echo peaks, echo edges or zero crossing.
  • Pulse repetition frequency 8 Hz to 1500 Hz
  • Monitor real-time output for both monitor gates
  • Trigger modes: internal, external (in/out), 1st echo
  • Update and/or upgrade of the operating software via PC(CD-ROM, e-mail, download)
  • Manufactured and tested for reliability according to EN 12668-1

 Ordering information
ECHOGRAPH 1091 Basic with Li Ion battery and mains lead
(0.5 - 20 MHz)
ECHOGRAPH 1091 DAC with Li Ion battery and mains lead
(0.5 - 20 MHz)
ECHOGRAPH 1091 DGS/DAC with Li Ion battery and mains lead
(0.5 - 20 MHz)
ECHOGRAPH 1091 SN Basic with Li Ion battery and mains lead
(low frequency version: 0.05 - 20 MHz)
ECHOGRAPH 1091 SN DAC with Li Ion battery and mains lead
(low frequency version: 0.05 - 20 MHz)
Time base range 9600 mm 1091.902
BASIC -> DAC 1099.915
DAC -> DGS/DAC 1099.916
BASIC -> DGS/DAC 1099.917
USB cable 1657.702
Battery pack 7.2 V, 6.5 Ah (e. g. as a replacement battery) 1808.541
Charger unit for battery (external) 1808.531
Earphone (reliable signal perception even in loud surroundings) 1882.002
Interface Box IFB (e.g. for signal transfer to a PLC) 1877.001
Interface Box IFB HiSpeed (particularly low signal delay, e.g. for signal transfer to a PLC) 1877.002
eCom 90 pro, PC software for Windows XP/7
incl. EPROB 90, probe management software

Current Dates

13 - 17 November 2017
15th APCNDT, Singapore

16 - 20 April 2018
Tube 2018, Duesseldorf

24 - 27 April 2018
32nd Control, Stuttgart

11 - 15 June 2018
12th ECNDT, Gothenburg

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