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Modular and scaleable
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Multichannel Ultrasound Electronics for Compact UT Systems

Based on its modular design the ultrasound electronics ECHOGRAPH 1093 is particularly flexible. With the aid of separately working testing channels and their individual set-up it is suitable for small automated testing systems targeted at easy realization of different inspection tasks, like testing for longitudinal flaws, transverse flaws and lamination flaws in tubes.
 Modular design in a rack system

Up to 8 discrete testing channels with individual US electronics and evaluation circuitry can be realized via insert modules.

An integrated industrial PC controls the systems and the processing of measuring data.

By means of connectors on the rear side of the unit the ECHOGRAPH 1093 can be linked to superordinate testing systems.

Operation is made via a convenient menu interface with windows, function buttons, drop down lists etc, as commonly known from the PC world.

Each test channel can be set-up individually for optimum adaptation to its particular testing task.

 Standard Components

US display and computer unit

The front of the UAR module contains the screens for the set-up menu (left) and the A-scan (right).

The rear side provides various interfaces and power supply lines for connection with the individual test channels.

US module for parallel operation

The LED's for operation and monitor indications (two-channel in most cases) of the US unit are built-in in the front panel of the module.

The rear of the UMP US unit provides interfaces for connection with superordinated PC's and the probe connectors.

Keyboard with touchpad

For direct input of the system parameters you can use the ruggedized keyboard with touchpad.
 Individual Adaptation To The System Set-up
For optimum integration with the set-up of the associated testing system the interfaces and control signals become individually adapted.

 And ...
  • selectable colours for the A-Scan
  • PRF up to 3000 Hz for each test channel
  • trigger: global and 1st  echo, global
  • suppression counter for each monitor
  • Cycle program with up to 16 cycles
  • large external monitor for A-Scan display available (option)
  • evaluation with DAC method (option)
  • specifications acc. to EN 12668-1
 Ordering Information
ECHOGRAPH 1093 UMP - US module for parallel operation (2 channels) 1093.001
ECHOGRAPH 1093 UMP - US module for parallel operation (1 channel) 1093.011
ECHOGRAPH 1093 UAR - US display and computer unit 1093.002
ECHOGRAPH 1093 TMT - keyboard with touchpad 1093.003

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

27 - 29 May 2019
DACH Annual Meeting, Friedrichshafen

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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