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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Compact design with
up to 8 channels
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Eightfold Multiplexer For Basic Automated US Testing Systems

Based on the technique and the ease of handling of the proven portable instrument ECHOGRAPH 1090 the ECHOGRAPH 1094 MUX now offers a mobile ultrasonic testing system for basic automated ultrasonic testing.
 Design and Operating

The multiplex technique allows to control up to 8 test channels.

Via a connection array on the rear panel the probes assigned to the channels become integrated with the testing system.

In accustomed manner (as with the ECHOGRAPH 1090) operating is executed via a convenient menu interface.

For multiplex operation and to control the extended ample functions a special menu topic is added. In set-up operation mode each test channel is shown individually on the display, while in testing mode all channels are shown simultaneously.
The compact design of the ECHOGRAPH 1094 facilitates mobile material testing with the aid of multiple channels. Mounted on a trolley equipped with probes the instrument, for instance, is qualified for testing on sheet metal (see photo) or rails.

Then the power supply comes from an external DC power source, e.g. a car battery.


Optionally an indication unit (Port Control) with an LED array can be connected so the flaw findings of the individual test channels are recognizable from a great distance as well.


The results of the two monitor gates is shown individually for each test channel in the bottom area of the screen and as an LED sum signal.

 Monitor sum signal

Interfaces for flaw signals, USB, VGA, trigger signals and probes are located on the rear panel of the unit.

Important instrument parameters can be accessed quickly via direct keys.

 And ...
  • Delay time of the transmitter signals can be selected to up to 3800 ns individually for each test channel
  • Adaptation of the amplifier can be selected individually for each test channel from -11 dB to +11 dB
  • Compact aluminium case for harsh ambient conditions
  • Selectable colours for measuring and menu mode
  • Wizard for various instrument settings e.g. for determination of probe delay line, for adjustment of screen representation ...
  • A-scan usable as reference in the background
  • Freezable echo dynamics curve
  • Pulse repetition frequency: 8 Hz to 3000 Hz
  • Trigger: internal, external (input/output) and 1st echo
  • In compliance with EN 12668-1
 Ordering Information
ECHOGRAPH 1094 Basic 2K 1094.102
ECHOGRAPH 1094 DAC 2K 1094.202
ECHOGRAPH 1094 AVG/DAC 2K 1094.302
ECHOGRAPH 1094 N AVG/DAC 2K (low frequency version) 1094.312
ECHOGRAPH 1094 SN AVG/DAC 2K (extra low frequency version) 1094.322
Port Control (flaw indication) 1094.601
Additional Channel for single element probes 1094.905
Additional Channel for dual element probes 1094.906
Upgrade RF output 1094.901

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

27 - 29 May 2019
DACH Annual Meeting, Friedrichshafen

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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