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UT Probes

Ultrasonic Testing Probes

Quality - Made in Germany
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Leaflet Phased Array Probes

Ultrasonic Transducers for Portable Instruments and Automated Systems

KARL DEUTSCH ultrasonic transducers are the result of practical experience from decades, theoretical knowledge and manufacturing know-how. Naturally they are manufactured to the standards of a Quality Management System which complies to DIN ISO 9001:2008 - quality, made in Germany!

 Transducers Overview
Detailed information on the following probe types can be found in the overview sheet and in the leaflet Phased Arrays.

Standard Probes
  • Straight beam contact probes
  • Angle beam contact probes
  • Angle beam contact probes for longitudinal waves
  • TR contact probes
  • TR angle beam probes
  • Immersion probes
  • Waterproof angle beam probes for automated testing
  • Waterproof TR angle beam probes for automated testing
  • Waterproof TR probes for automated testing

Special Probes for Contact Testing
  • Straight beam probes
  • Low frequency probes
  • TR probes for insulator testing
  • Probes for testing of railway wheel sets
  • Angle beam probe for Polyethylen (PE)

Special Probes for Automated Testing
  • Immersion probes
  • Immersion probes, ball housing
  • PVDF transducers for tube testing
  • TR probes
  • Multi-crystal immersion probes
  • Multi-crystal probes
  • Angle beam probes
  • Piston probes

Phased Array Probes
  • Manual/contact testing
  • Automated testing

Current Dates

11 - 12 September 2017

25 - 29 September 2017

13 - 17 November 2017
15th APCNDT, Singapore

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