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Ultrasonic Testing System
System SNHF

Ultrasonic Inspection of
ERW Pipes

System SNHF

The production of ERW pipes includes several steps of NDT. The usage of NDT has two major goals:
Early information about the welding procedure as a feedback for the production line and secondly, the final inspection of the finished pipe. Up to four ultrasonic systems are often encountered during the production process.
As a first step, a strip tester can be used. Linear or oscillating test traces of the probes are possible. Directly after welding, a first online weld test is carried out with ultrasound. It is common to check for longitudinal defects only. Sometimes, an oscillating deburring check is added to verify the proper descarfing of the internal pipe wall.

Current Dates

16 - 20 April 2018
Tube 2018, Duesseldorf

24 - 27 April 2018
32nd Control, Stuttgart

11 - 15 June 2018
12th ECNDT, Gothenburg

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