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Ultrasonic Testing System
System SNUL

Ultrasonic Inspection of
LSAW Pipes

System SNUL

Unique about our testing system for pipes with longitudinal seam is the way to couple the ultrasound into the specimen. Water jet coupling is used, which means that the water path between probe and tube surface is in the order of several centimetres. This method of ultrasonic coupling results in little wear for the probes and the probe guiding devices.

Also, the angle adjustment is carried out within the probe holder – unlike with water gap coupling where the refraction angle is fixed within the ultrasonic probe. Also for a rough pipe surface, stable coupling conditions are achieved because the water path can vary more than with gap coupling.

The technique of ultrasonic water jet coupling (squirter setup) enables the positioning of the probes for on-bead transverse flaw detection directly on the weld. This results in a very high probability for detecting transverse defects because the probes are used in pulse-echo setup.

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