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 The milestones along the way of the KARL DEUTSCH company
  • 1948 Presentation of the first LEPTOSKOP prototype at the Hannover Fair.
  • 1949 Karl Deutsch founds his own business in Wuppertal (Germany) on May 13th.
  • 1950 Initial laboratory tests on ultrasonic flaw detectors.
  • 1951 ECHOGRAPH flaw detectors become commercially available.
  • 1956 Introduction of the RMG crack depth meter.
  • 1957 The RMG is successfully demonstrated.
  • 1960 Introduction of the first DEUTROFLUX instruments (vortex chamber) with dry magnetic powder for crack detection.
  • 1961 New DEUTROFLUX UH instruments for magnetic particle testing.
  • 1965 DEUTROFLUX instruments now use alternating field magnetization and the new DEUTRO-coil. The new ECHOGRAPH generation is fully transistorized and a modular version is available for ultrasonic systems.
  • 1966 In-house production of FLUXA testing agent for crack detection.
  • 1967 Construction of the first company building in Wuppertal at Otto-Hausmann-Ring 101 (street).

Works 1 (the first company building)
  • 1972 Introduction of the DEUTROMAT KUR: an automated crack testing system for continuous through-put of the test pieces. First installation of an ultrasonic VRE system for testing of seamless boiler tubes.
  • 1973 Presentation of the world's first digital ultrasonic flaw detector ECHOTEST at the ICNDT in Warsaw.
  • 1976 Development of the world's first computer-controlled ultrasonic system ECHOGRAPH 1160.
  • 1978 Construction of the second company building at Otto-Hausmann-Ring 201.

Works 2 (the 2nd company building) with assembly shop for systems and administration wing
  • 1979 The ultrasonic CS technique is first presented on the ECNDT in Mainz, Germany.
  • 1981 Fully automated MP crack detection with the FLUXAMAT is shown at the ECNDT in Vienna.
  • 1983 The ECHOGRAPH 1030, the world's first microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic flaw detector is demonstrated at the WCNDT in Moscow. The DEUTROFLUX UHW devices are now offered with an improved DEUTRO coil.
  • 1984 Introduction of the ECHOMETER 1070, a microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic thickness gauge.
  • 1987 The ultrasonic system ECHOGRAPH 1150 is equipped with state-of-the-art data processing.
  • 1988 Development of the new digital Coating Thickness Gauge LEPTOSKOP 2015.
  • 1990 The new HRP ultrasonic system for pipes and rods with rotation-free handling is replacing the VRE devices.
  • 1992 The user-friendly digital ECHOGRAPH 1080 is introduced and shortly after the compact version, the ECHOGRAPH 1085, is released.
  • 1993 The new KD-CHECK for liquid penetrant testing is presented. In the same year, the quality assurance system at KARL DEUTSCH is approved by the RWTÜV (federal authority for technical inspections) according to DIN ISO 9001.
  • 1994 The new LEPTOSKOP is developed.
  • 1995 New versions of the Material Sorting Instrument VITOMETER and of the RMG Crack Depth Meter.
  • 1996 A new generation of the MP-devices DEUTROFLUX UWE and UWS is available.
  • 1997 The crack depth measurement with the RMG-instrument was extended to also measure oblique cracks.
  • 1998 The extremely successful ECHOMETER series for wall thickness measurement now offers a data logger.
  • 1999 The HRP-system, state-of-the-art for high-speed tube inspection, was extended to the detection of all flaw types (longitudinal and also transverse flaws). A wall thickness measurement is also possible. Extensive work has been carried out to adapt this system type to bar inspection – with great commercial success.
  • 2000 Presentation of the renewed VITOMETER instrument, a sorting instrument which can be used for material characterisation in many applications. Introducing the new Coating Thickness Gauge LEPTOSKOP 2041. The new US Flaw Detector ECHOGRAPH 1086 is released.
  • 2001 A patented multi-crystal probe with built-in electronics permits gapless flaw detection. The successful model types of the wall thickness gauges ECHOMETER 1073/1074 are extended for several other instrument types.
  • 2002 2002 The PC software ECOM 85, ECHOSTAT 2002 and STATWIN 2002 feature entirely new versions. A new ultrasonic system for process control of resistance spot welding using KARL DEUTSCH probe systems is put on market.
  • 2003 The Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2017 for NFe-measurement is added to the product range of coating thickness gauges
  • 2004 Re-certification of the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, the compact, digital US flaw detector ECHOGRAPH 1090 is put on the market, a new assembly shop enlarges the manufacturing site for UT systems and MP devices.

Works 2 (with expansion building)
  • 2005 Coating Thickness Measurement newly defined: The new generation of Pocket-LEPTOSKOP gauges sets new standards for the technique of coating thickness measurement, processing of a multitude of orders on systems for automated weld examination of tubes.
  • 2006 DAC and DGS software versions enhance the testing features of the Digital UT Flaw Detector ECHOGRAPH 1090. The new PC software EasyExport meets the demands for convenient and all-purpose data transfer from various KARL DEUTSCH measuring instruments, like ECHOMETER, LEPTOSKOP, DEUTROMETER and RMG, to widely used PC applications, such as spreadsheets or word processors. Stormy growth of the manufacturing of testing systems (ultrasound and magnetic particle testing). Again enlargement of the assembly shop to now 1350 m² in total.

Once more expanded assembly shop in Werk 2 with a historical steel gantry of the Wuppertal Suspension Railway (this way it has been saved from scrapping)
  • 2007 Re-certification of the Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Start of production of ECHOMETER 1075 and LEPTOSKOP 2042 representing a new generation of wall and coating thickness gauges. Launch of the multi-channel digital ultrasound testing electronics ECHOGRAPH 1092, 1093, 1094 for small automated systems.
  • 2008 The new ECHOMETER 1075 Basic provides a cost-efficient solution for measurement of wall thickness and sound velocity. Successful launching of the ECHOGRAPH 1093 Electronics for small-sized testing systems with up to 8 channels, usage in many branches of industry.
  • 2009 The ECHOMETER 1076 TC is brought onto the market, permitting wall thickness measurement also on coated material. On 13 May 2009 the company KARL DEUTSCH Prüf- und Messgerätebau GmbH + Co KG celebrates its 60th anniversary. By investing in the French manufacturer of testing instruments and systems M2M the development and production of the promising phased array technique is expanded.
  • 2010 Delivery of the first UT system with phased array technique. The UV LED lamp 3815 completes the available products range of UV lamps for crack detection testing with its innovative technique and durability. The new field strength meter DEUTROMETER 3873 comes with easy operation and a strict focus on practical suitability. Recertification of our Quality Management System. Started in 1993, it has been successfully applied since then and complies now to the current standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
  • 2011 The UV LED Large Area Lamp, which can be selected either to white light or UV light, expands our scope of accessories for the penetrant and magnetic particle testing. Due to a major order of seven ultrasonic tube testing systems for a well-known tube plant in Turkey our systems division continues to be well used to capacity. Approval of our testing agents system KD-Check to AMS 2644 (formerly MIL-I-25135).
  • 2012 Presentation of our high-precision wall thickness gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 Data. Production start of phased array probes. UT phased array testing for tubes: Delivery of another system to a customer in South America. The phased array portable unit Multi2000 Pocket by M2M was added to our sales programme.
  • 2013 Expansion building next to our Werk 2: New hall with laboratory for ultrasonic testing systems. Market launch of the Precision A-Scan Wall Thickness Gauge 1077. Innovative quality in design and construction: phased array project for large-diameter tube testing. Expansion of the successful product line KD-Check Systems.

Management and staff of KARL DEUTSCH in front of the new expansion building (right),
which houses a laboratory for ultrasonic testing systems as well
  • 2014 The portable phased array device GEKKO is available for mobile phased array testing. Newly developed phased array probes extend the product range of PAUT. The ultrasonic flaw detector ECHOGRAPH 1095 with many new features continues the well-established operating concept of its predecessor ECHOGRAPH 1090. Delivery of the first semi- and fully-automated KD-Check penetrants systems.
  • 2015 Record-setting year of the company KARL DEUTSCH resulting from orders in engineering and construction of test systems. Delivery of a phased array test system for railway wheels with 384 parallel test channels.
  • 2017 In the field of ultrasonic testing systems with phased array probe and evaluation technique: Development of an ECHOGRAPH-STPS-PAUT bar testing system

Most innovations are patented and all devices are presented in journals or KARL DEUTSCH brochures. This information is readily available to everyone interested!

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