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Edition 1-2018
KD-Info 1-2018 EN
  • Worldwide Visitors at KARL DEUTSCH
  • MANTIS: The Little but Strong Brother of the GEKKO
  • ECHOGRAPH 1095: Ultrasonic Weld Inspection
  • ScanMaster UT/Mate: Examination of Spot Welds in the Car Body Making Industry
  • MANTIS and GEKKO: Inspection of Electrofusion Fittings
  • ECHOGRAPH-HRPR: Kalibre Boru ordered Tube Testing System
  • KARL DEUTSCH NDT-Symposium, NDT-Experts met in Wuppertal
  • Control 2017: The International Meeting Point for Quality Assurance
  • 30 Years Chemical Products: Dr. Ralf Wagner retires
  • KARL DEUTSCH Summer Party: Sunny in Spite of Rain
  • Prof. Dr. Volker Deutsch turned 85
... and many more...

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 News from the KARL DEUTSCH web site
12 April 2018 KARL DEUTSCH at the Fairs Tube 2018 and 32nd Control
Instruments and systems for ultrasonic testing with phased arrays, instruments for spotweld testing and innovative ultrasonic test electronics: Also in 2018, you will find KARL DEUTSCH at the most important trade fairs Tube and Control. For further information, please refer to the following trade fair invitation. We look forward to you.

Tube Control 2018 Invitation
14 March 2017 Video on the Economic Location Wuppertal
In a three-minute video, the Wirtschaftsförderung Wuppertal, which is a local economic promotion agency, presents the economic importance of the town where our headquarters is located. Aerial footage alternates with impressions from city life and various industries represented, such as the chemical industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare, metalworking, automotive, electrical engineering, automation and toolmaking and mechanical engineering. Also KARL DEUTSCH (from 2:05 min) is represented with a short sequence.

Note: This video frame links to Youtube. Please ensure that no internal browser setting prevents external loading or click here for direct access to our NDTChannel on Youtube. On our Youtube channel versions with English and Chinese inserts are available as well.
13 March 2017 Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH-RPTS
The new video of our Youtube NDTChannel starts with impressing pictures of the production of raw steel and the forging of bars. Various versions of the ultrasonic inspection system ECHOGRAPH-RPTS are used for material testing. Amongst others, the camera accompanies the up to 18 m long bars on their way to the test station, shows the ultrasonic water gap coupling for the gimbal-mounted probe groups, the camera-supported monitoring of bar ends and the online C-scan evaluation with a return-to-defect function.

Note: This video frame links to Youtube. Please ensure that no internal browser setting prevents external loading or click here for direct access to our NDTChannel on Youtube.
27 June 2016 KARL DEUTSCH at the WCNDT conference
From June, 13th to 17th, 2016, the 19th WCNDT (World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing) was held in Munich, Germany. Also KARL DEUTSCH was represented with an information stand (amongst others featuring the new portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Instrument Gekko) and several lectures.
Impressions of the contributions from KARL DEUTSCH to the 19th WCNDT can be found in the following video:

Note: This video frame links to Youtube. Please ensure that no internal browser setting prevents external loading or click here for direct access to our NDTChannel on Youtube.
16 November 2015 Application Video SNUL-Systems
An on-site application video was added to the information page of testing
systems for LSAW-pipes (longitudinally submerged-arc welded pipes).
28 July 2015 Full order books
The high workload in the manufacturing of automated ultrasonic testing systems demands for an optimized use of space in the assembly halls.
View into the UT assembly hall
(click to enlarge)
09 July 2015 Skytrain Run 2015
Also this year the team of KARL DEUTSCH participated in the Skytrain Run over the 5 km distance. More than 4500 runners were active in Wuppertal despite the high temperatures.
The KARL DEUTSCH Team at the Skytrain Run 2015
(click to enlarge)
17 June 2015 Certified training centre
Successful audit by DGZfP: KARL DEUTSCH is a certified training centre according to DIN EN ISO 9712. Click on the preview image to download a PDF of the certificate.
KARL DEUTSCH is a Certified Training Centre of DGZfP
06 May 2015 KARL DEUTSCH posters
For many events, such as conferences, conventions, industrial fairs, workshops and product presentations, posters are created by us, providing topic-related image and text information in a nutshell. To ensure that this information remains accessible even after the presentations, we have set-up a new section of our website. Besides an enlarged preview of the individual poster the option of downloading high-resolution PDF versions is provided. The new posters page can be accessed via the navigation path Downloads >> Posters or directly via this link.
16 April 2015 KARL DEUTSCH 66th Anniversary - DGZfP working groups visited the Wuppertal premises
On March 17th, 2015, in keeping with tradition the company KARL DEUTSCH invited the DGZfP working groups Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Siegen. Since invitations had been sent to clients of KARL DEUTSCH, many international guests attended, among others from Korea, Mexico, Sweden, Poland and Spain. Thanks to the nice weather, the outdoor areas of Works 2 could be used and the evening turned into some kind of a summer fete. Our video feature on Youtube provides some impressions of the event. A summarized review of the event with many pictures can be found in our small flyer (in German language).
02 March 2015 ECHOGRAPH 1095
Please find here a brief product presentation on our new UT Flaw Detector ECHOGRAPH 1095.
25 February 2015 Advanced Phased Array Technologies
Advanced techniques are available for stationary test systems and also for portable instruments, enabling high test speeds, high contrast and high resolution. Click here to download our paper read on the 3CNEND- 3ª Conferência Nacional em Ensaios Não Destrutivos, 15. und 16. Dezember 2014, Amadora, Portugal.
09 September 2014 New Inspection Medium for Magnetic Particle Testing
From now, our established magnetic particle concentrate FLUXA® HRS is available as ready-to-use and environmentally friendly handy aerosol can. More information can be found here.
19 May 2014 The new digital ultrasonic flaw detector ECHOGRAPH 1095
Time corrected gain, back wall echo attenuation, three monitor gates and a matrix memory are only a few of several innovations provided by the ECHOGRAPH 1095 flaw detector, which is modularly upgradable to the evaluation methods DAC, DGS, AWS and JIS. More information can be found here as PDF or in our section for press releases.

Current Dates

16 - 20 April 2018
Tube 2018, Duesseldorf

24 - 27 April 2018
32nd Control, Stuttgart

11 - 15 June 2018
12th ECNDT, Gothenburg

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