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Coating Thickness Gauge PC-LEPTOSKOP 2050

Coating Thickness Gauge

The PC-based
coating thickness gauge
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Only PC probe, software and PC

Under the denomination PC-LEPTOSKOP, we offer probes for layer thickness measurement, which only have to be connected to the serial interface of a common PC. All instrumental functions of a normal Coating Thickness Gauge are taken over by a PC software matched to STATWIN 2002, which is a versatile software working under the operating system WINDOWS.

When starting STATWIN 2002 the control elements and the display of a virtual coating thickness gauge show on the screen of the PC in large size. All functions are operated by mouse click or keyboard. With STATWIN 2002 almost any number of measurement batches can be stored and administered. The documentation and archiving possibilities are virtually unlimited. In addition the software comes with a large number of statistics functions for evaluation of measured values and batches.
Besides standard probes for all non-magnetic layers on ferromagnetic substrate (e.g. varnish or chromium on ferrous steel) and all non-conductive layers on electrically conductive material (e.g. lacquer on non-ferrous metal) until 1200 µm thickness, there are special microprobes of high resolution in different construction for small parts or those of complicated geometry available, or two-pole probes for thickness up to 12.5 mm as well as comprehensive accessories.
Especially designed for stationary testing, the PC-LEPTOSKOP 2050 is a top class layer thickness gauge.

Application example for the
Laptop with PC software STATWIN 2002,
PC micro probe and positioning device

 Ordering information for the PC software STATWIN 2002
STATWIN 2002, PC software for Windows 9x/XP/Me/2000/NT4.0 2904.001
 Probes, measuring ranges and order nos.

 Probe dimensions

 Technical Data
Measuring methods
Magnet-inductive or eddy-current
Power supply
by the PC
Data storage only depending on the free memory space on the hard disk
Measuring range 0..10000 µm, depending on probe
Measurement uncertainty under 100 µm: 1 % +/-1 µm (standard / micro probe)
above 100 µm: 1..3 % +/-1 µm (standard / micro probe)
above 500 µm: 1..3 % +/-10 µm (two pole probe, probe EPS)
above 10000 µm: 1..5 % +/-10 µm (two pole probe, probe EPS)
Dimensions (in mm) only probe
Weight only probe
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: 0..45 °C
Storage temperature: -20..60 °C
Interface RS232 serial, 4800 Baud

Current Dates

16 - 20 April 2018
Tube 2018, Duesseldorf

24 - 27 April 2018
32nd Control, Stuttgart

11 - 15 June 2018
12th ECNDT, Gothenburg

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