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Coating Thickness Gauge

Software module "Statistics and Data Memory"
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The new generation of Pocket-LEPTOSKOPs

Do you want your coating thickness gauge to be flexibly usable together with excellent readability even at hard-to-access locations? Then the new Pocket-LEPTOSKOP with its large illuminated flip display will exactly meet your requirements.
 Coating thickness measurement newly defined

Overhead measurement with rotated display contents 

With the new generation of
Pocket-LEPTOSKOP gauges
KARL DEUTSCH is setting the standard:
  • Large digits facilitate reading of the display.
  • Just a "click" and the display shows rotated contents, to make reading of the instrument indications much easier in case of overhead measurement.
  • Accurate measurement - even on hard-to-access locations
  • Many operating languages you can select from: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Romanian. Other languages on request.

Large display
Easy menu guided operation

No special knowledge is required to operate the Pocket-LEPTOSKOP successfully since the user is guided by means of a convenient menu structure.
  • Though probably the smallest electronic coating thickness gauge world-wide it offers a large convenient display with backlight.
  • Clear understandable user guidance, comparable to a cellular phone
  • Easy menu navigation via 4 keys (foil keypad)
  • Power supply by just one battery (AAA)

Example of use: The probe of the Pocket-LEPTOSKOP placed in an aluminum rim

Switch on and measure
  • Convenient single hand operation
  • Integrated probe for non destructive measurement of coatings e.g. color, varnish,plastics, rubber, chrome, copper, zinc, anodization, etc.on metals.
  • The spring-loaded probe generates constant placing pressure.
  • Convenient and quick. Already calibrated ex works.
  • Zero and foil calibration with calculation of mean values are possible
  • Reliable readings in less than one second.
  • The new Pocket-LEPTOSKOP is handy as a mobile phone and weighs only 70 g / 2.6 oz
  • Quick and easy battery replacement
  • 100 hours of operating time
  • Battery voltage indicator with 4 grade steps
  • Measurement units to be selected from µm, mm, mils, inch
  • Size: 46 mm x 95 mm x 16 mm
 New: Software module Statistics and Data Memory

The software module Statistics and Data Memory enables enhancement of the Pocket-LEPTOSKOP at any time:

Limits and offset
  • Adjustable upper and lower limits
  • Selectable offset
  • Simple input of values
  • Keyboard can be locked to prevent from unauthorized operation and to protect against alteration of settings.

Statistics functions
  • Minimum, maximum, number of readings and mean value to be seen simultaneously
  • 10 files for readings with up to 900 measured values each
  • Graphical representation of the acquired readings

Extended representation
  • For quick optical evaluation of the readings the gauge can be selected to analog pointer representation
  • Measuring range selectable to: automatic, range between the limits, fixed
  • Also with rotated contents of the display

iCom on the PC screen

Data transfer
  • Transfer the readings into a PC by means of the PC software iCom.
 The instrument is available in 3 versions
  • Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2018 - for thickness measurements of electrically non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive substrate metal (NFe, e.g. aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, austenite, etc. according to the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2360).
  • Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2021 - for thickness measurement of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrate (e.g. iron, steel) according to the magnetic-inductive method (DIN EN ISO 2178).
  • Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2026 - combined probe for NFe and Fe measurement. The type of substrate is detected automatically.
 Ordering Information
Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2018 for NFe measurement 2018.901
Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2021 for Fe measurement 2021.901
Pocket-LEPTOSKOP® 2026 with combined probe for Fe/NFe measurement 2026.901
Scope of supply: instrument with battery, calibration foil set,
reference block, instruction manual, quality test certificate, transport case
 Extended functions
Software module: "Statistics and Data Memory" for 2018/2021/2026 2910.001
 Accessories for data transfer
Package "EasyExport"
 Scope of delivery: Module "Statistics and Data Memory", PC- and printer cable,
 PC software "EasyExport"
Package "iCom"
 Scope of delivery: Module "Statistics and Data Memory", PC-cable for USB,
 PC software "iCom"
Mobile Thermo Printer (battery-powered) 6010.201
PC- and printer cable for LEPTOSKOP 2018/21/26->RS232 1657.309
PC cable for LEPTOSKOP 2018/21/26->USB (incl. drivers CD) 1657.313
 Additional certificates
Quality certificate of calibration foil, per foil 2799.001

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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