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Wet Film Thickness Meter 2830.002

Wet Film Thickness Meter

of liquid coatings
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Measurement comb to dip into liquid films

Wet Film Thickness Gauges are used to determine the thickness of liquid coatings. The measurements show an approximate information on the thickness of a liquid layer. The measurement procedure is described in the standard EN ISO 2808.

The measurement sides of the Wet Film Thickness Gauge are cut like a comb. Imagine the connecting line between the external comb teeth as base line.
The teeth between the external comb teeth are getting shorter increasingly so the distance between the base line and the bottom edge of the tooth increases as well. The values imprinted next to the teeth refer to the respective distance between the base line and the bottom side of the tooth.

Immediately after the surface coating of the substrate the Thickness Gauge is pressed into the still wet coating so the two external comb teeth fully rest on the substrate. Then the thickness gauge is removed again. The measuring range must be chosen so some teeth of the comb field are wet and some are not. Choose another measuring range where appropriate.
The thickness of the coating lies between the shortest still wet tooth and the neighboring no more wet tooth and can be calculated by averaging the thickness values imprinted next to the two teeth.
In accordance with the specifications of the standard the measurement should be repeated in same manner at least twice in order to get representative measured values.
After measurement, clean the wet film thickness gauge shortly in a suitable solvent.
 Technical Data
Wet Film Thickness Gauge, sexangular; high-quality and robust design of stainless steel with resistant laser marking
Size: 92 mm approx. max. diameter
Thickness: 0.8 mm approx
Measuring ranges:
25 to 150 µm
175 to 300 µm
350 to 600 µm
650 to 900 µm
950 to 1400 µm
1500 to 2000 µm
Scale indications: µm
Scope of delivery: Wet film thickness meter, soft case, brief instructions, product information
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Wet Film Thickness Meter, sexangular 2830.002

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