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 Stationary Magnetic Particle Test Benches
UWE 350
Standard bench for common applications: The version 350 provides a clamping length of 350 mm for forgings and cast iron parts
UWE 600/900
Standard bench for common applications: The versions 600/900 provide a clamping length of 600/900 mm for forgings and cast iron parts
Test bench with moving coil for long components
Basic bench for low throughput

 Magnetic Particles Test Benches From Our Division Of Special Engineering
DEUTROMAT Chain Conveyor
Special bench for automated transport of components
Special bench for testing of railway components
DEUTROMAT Multi-Contact
Special bench with several magnetizing units
for complex shapes

 Portable Devices for Magnetic Particles Testing
DEUTROPULS Current Flow Units
Portable high current generators for connection of current poles
Mobile crack detection at small and large components

 Field Strength Gauges and Accessories
Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER 3873
... for simple and convenient field strength measurement and monitoring of limit values
Accessories for the Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER 3873
Reference for the Field Strength Meter and shielded chamber for suppression of external interference fields
Residual Field Indicator 3821
Measure remanent magnetism in components

 Magnetic Particles Testing Agents and Accessories
FLUXA® testing agents
... for magnetic particle testing
... for automatic monitoring of the quality of the testing agents
Test and reference blocks
... for testing of the indication sensitivity of magnetic particle testing agents
ASTM centrifuge tube
... to determine the content of solid particles in the inspection medium for Magnetic Particle Examination, preferably in case of fresh suspensions..

Article no.: 6901.001
Article no.: 9804.001
Spray bottle
... re-usable pump spray bottle for convenient and environment-friendly spraying-on of the testing agent.

By a few pumping movements before use, the entire contents can be sprayed. Therefore, spraying becomes much easier and protects the environment.

Size of bottle: 310 x 120 mm ø
Size of handle to jet: 210 mm
Weight (unfilled): 460 g
Max. volume: approx. 1 l
Max. pressure: 3 bar

Article no.: 6303.001

 UV Lamps and Accessories
UV Large Area Lamp
All information can be found in the leaflet P 3848 UV Large Area Lamp .
UV-LED 3846 UV LED Large Area Lamp
... for stationary use with fluorescent material testing
UV LED Combi Lamp
UV lamp compliant with risk class 2, shock-resistant and water-proof, switchable white light
UV Intensity Meter
... to measure the intensity of long-wave UV radiation
Lux Illumination Meter
... to measure the intensity of visible light
Accessories for Magnetic Particle Inspection
ASTM Centrifuge Tube, FLUXA® Test Block, Berthold Test Device, Reference Block to 9934-2, etc.:
All to be found in leaflet P 38 E .

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

27 - 29 May 2019
DACH Annual Meeting, Friedrichshafen

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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