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Monitoring System

Monitoring of fluorescent
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Automated monitoring of the indication capability

Since start of serial production, FLUXA-Control, the automated monitoring system for fluorescent magnetic particle suspension, is used in various industrial sectors.

The FLUXA-Control is recommended if the status of the test liquid has to be constantly monitored and documented. Thus, for example, the device is used in the field of series examination with automotive parts and big pistons.

As well, due to possible objective examinations of crack detection agents, which becomes feasible for the first time now, the device is used in the railroad industry and by service inspection companies.

In combination with our new DEUTROFLUX-Memory parameter memory the relevant data (field strength, cycle periods, output, statistics etc.) easily can be managed by the Siemens Control System and thus ensure a complete documentation of the surface crack testing.

Economically reasonable: The FLUXA-Control unit is not only useful for new units but also already existing machines can be upgraded easily.

Economically reasonable: The FLUXA-Control unit is not only useful for new units but also already existing machines can be upgraded easily.

The control unit of FLUXA-Control 

 Functioning principle

The measuring principle of the FLUXA-Control is patented and is based on a comparative measurement between a testing agent with good indication capability (fresh charge) and one with reduced indication capability (the one in use).

Thus, the given method corresponds to the same principle as there is with comparative measurements using common reference blocks according to DIN EN ISO 9934-2.

Principle sketch of the measurement set-up of a FLUXA-Control unit (click to open an enlarged image)

 Quality check of the testing agent

Over time the indication sensitivity of a testing agent decreases: Automated, objective  monitoring by the FLUXA-Control unit

Besides automated examination of the testing agent the FLUXA-Control unit even offers the possibility to follow the decrease of the testing agent quality via bar graph indication.

Not only the decrease, but as well the increase in quality can be indicated. This might be the case when fresh agent gets added. The unit helps to avoid adding an inappropriate quantity of concentrate resulting in mixture ratio being too high or too low.

A significant advantage is also the objective evaluation which is not possible with manual comparative measurement. A subjective evaluation on crack indication lengths by the user, varying inspection conditions and so forth are influences coming with manual comparative measurements and which are dropped in case of automatic evaluation.

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for automated monitoring of fluorescent magnetic powder crack detection agents


Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

27 - 29 May 2019
DACH Annual Meeting, Friedrichshafen

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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