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Reference Magnet and Zero Field Chamber

Accessory for the Field Strength Meter
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The application range

Reference magnet and zero field chamber are used for checking and for zero adjustment of the field intensity meter DEUTROMETER 3873 and probes.

Reference magnets generate static magnetic fields of known magnitude with which the scale accuracy of the field intensity meter can be checked.

Zero field chambers screen against external magnetic interference fields to a large extent.

With every switch-on the DEUTROMETER carries out an automatic zero adjustment. During this time the probe must not be in any magnetic field.

Thus it is recommended to place the probe in the zero field chamber during switch-on. Also the natural magnetic earth field is shielded to a large extent.

 Technical data
Reference magnet:
Magnetic field generated in air is (in a distance of 500 mm): H < 0.4 kA/m and B < 0.5 mT.
The individual value is engraved on the case surface..

 Ordering information
Reference Magnet3872.601
Zero Field Chamber3872.701

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07 - 10 May 2019
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14 - 17 October 2019
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