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Combi Hand Lamp 3815

Accessory for Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Testing: UV lamp complies with risk class 2,
shock-resistant, water-proof,
switchable to white light
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The portable hand lamp for mains and battery operation

A quantum leap for the generation of mobile UV light used for penetrant and magnetic particle inspection: Instead of conventional glow-discharge bulbs, four light-weight and insensitive high-power UV LEDs with more than 10,000 hours operating time are used. Another white light LED, which is located in the front centre permits to change to white light mode simply by pressing a momentary push button. The lamp is ready to operate immediately after power-on, provides a high UV intensity and a uniform distribution of intensity. The grading into risk class 2 (according to the German standard EM 6) meets the requirements of working safety for a low UV radiation exposure.

The new high-power UV LEDs easily can replace conventional glow-discharge lamps in the field of mobile generation of UV light.

4 crosswise arranged UV-LEDs and
1 white light LED (centre, switched-off in the image)

This makes it possible to tread new design paths and, simultaneously, to increase cost effectiveness and working quality.

The new LED UV lamp is small, compact, water-proof (IP65) and insensitive to vibrations.

Due to the exceptionally long operating life of the LEDs no change of illuminants usually is required.

The all-aluminium housing is small and handy. The heat dissipation is accomplished without fans via the black-anodized housing.

Thanks to the LED technology no filter glass is required in UV mode. The strict limitation to UV-A light with a wave length of 365 nm completely excludes danger by UV-B / UV-C radiation, even with defective protection glass.

The total cable length of 4.60 m between mains connector and lamp permits a large radius of action with mains operation.

Mains unit 

 Mains-independent operation

A completely mains independent use is possible by means of the handy, pocket-sized battery pack (154 mm x 96 mm x 33 mm) which allows up to 2.25 hours permanent operation.

Rechargeable battery w/ charger unit

 More benefits

Delivery in a robust carrying case with detailed instruction manual and quality test certificate (example image)

The UV hand lamp ... 
  • provides a high UV intensity of 60 W/m² approx. and an illuminated field of 120 mm Ø (in each case at a distance of 400 mm).
  • complies with all DGZfP requirements in particular regarding the wavelength and intensity.
  • connected to the battery can be used for inspection in closed containers and vessels.
  • comes in a sturdy carrying case with a detailed instruction manual and quality test certificate.
 Ordering Information
UV LED combi hand lamp incl. mains unit 3815.501
Battery pack for UV LED hand lamp 3815.520
Charger unit for battery pack 3815.570

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