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Magnetic Particle Test Bench
UWE 350

For small forgings and
cast iron components
Leaflet Technical Data
The new universal magnetic bench UWE 350 was specifically developed for cast and forged components with a maximum length of 350 mm. The maximum testing current is 2000 A.
UWE 350
General view of the inspection system including the electric cabinet, the foot-switch for initiating the inspection and the container for the testing agent. The crank (right) moves the yokes.
The machine is designed for sitting inspection personnel. The size of the machine is perfect to replace old KARL DEUTSCH UH 350 units. The yokes are moved by a centric spindle which is splash-protected from the magnetic agent.
UWE2.jpg (19471 Byte)
Detailed view of the contacts. Two independent magnetizing circuits allow for the detection of cracks oriented in any direction.

 Technical Data
Specimen Data:
Max. length: 350 mm
Max. diameter: 300 mm
Max. weight: 25 kg

Machine Data:
Power connection: 400 V 50 cps 3-phase-net
Max. phase current: 43 A
Max. power consumption: 17.2 kVA
Relative duty cycle: 40 %
Control system: SIEMENS PLC
Air pressure: 4-6 bar
Air consumption per cycle: 0.5 Nl
Clamping stroke: 8 mm standard
Dimensions: (l x w x h) 1.92 m x 0.83 m x 1.75 m
Total weight: approx. 550 kg
Switchboard and machine base built as one unit.
Test agent container (40 litres) with pump is included

Current flow:
Max. testing-current: 2000 A
Open circuit voltage: 3.5 V
Continuously adjustable
Analogue ampere meter
Minimum value supervision

Field flow:
open yoke construction
10000 amp-turns, flux density > 1 T
Continuously adjustable
Analogue instrument

Demagnetization for both directions, each circuit is switchable
Triggering switchable: by hand/automatic
Demagnetization frequency: 50 Hz
Demagnetization time: approx. 1 s

Cycle switching:
Automatic cycle switching with hand shower as standard, automatic spraying possible as option.

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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