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Phased Array Flaw Detector

More compact than GEKKO
but similarly powerful
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Phased Array Testing: Compact and Portable

The little brother of the GEKKO: Similarly powerful but much more compact. The 16:64 phased array channel configuration plus two conventional ultrasound channels provide all possibilities for standard and multigroup applications.


During the past 3 years, the first portable phased array ultrasonic testing device from M2M/KARL DEUTSCH has achieved an excellent reputation among experts and users under the name GEKKO.

An impressively simple user guidance and outstanding ultrasonic properties, i. a. by 64 parallel phased array channels and real-time TFM (Total Focusing Method) have made the GEKKO a universally applicable all-rounder.

From simple weld inspection tasks to the testing of complex and difficult-to-test components, the device can be optimally adapted to the respective requirements.

In addition to the phased array technique, the GEKKO offers additional methods such as conventional ultrasound, TOFD and TFM. The latter is particularly suitable for the analysis and assessment of flaws.

The lateral standard interface connectors
of the MANTIS: USB and LAN

Now, the next development step is MANTIS - similarly powerful, but significantly more compact. The user guidance provided by GEKKO was adopted wholesale and allows the inspector to concentrate on the test task without having to deal with complicated operating techniques. In the "ADEPT" basic configuration, even TFM is available for 16 parallel channels.

For more complex scanning tasks, the MANTIS can be upgraded with the "EXPERT" module to three encoder axes and 20 kHz pulse repetition frequency. Moreover, with the "MASTER" extension it is even possible to realize high resolution TFM with 64 channels by multiplexing - slower than with GEKKO but with the same resolution.

Connectors at the top panel

The supplied "CAPTURE" software is used to generate data records and analyse recorded data on the PC and is compatible with both MANTIS and GEKKO data.

In addition, the software "ENLIGHT" is available for more detailed analysis and data preparation. To achieve this, the well-known CIVA Analysis has been revised, relieved of rarely used functions and simplified in operation. This now provides a more competitive alternative to CIVA Analysis, and will be even more attractive in a package together with GEKKO, MANTIS or other M2M electronics.

Being experts for phased array technique we look forward to assist you with all things MANTIS or GEKKO. Please contact:
Mr Stefan Kierspel
Phone: (+49 -202) 71 92 -140
E-Mail: kierspel@karldeutsch.de

 Order information
MANTIS (Version) 1041.100 (Adept)
1041.120 (Expert)
1041.130 (Master)

Current Dates

07 - 10 May 2019
33rd Control, Stuttgart

27 - 29 May 2019
DACH Annual Meeting, Friedrichshafen

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

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