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Ultrasonic Testing System
System HRPR

High-Speed Ultrasonic
Inspection of Tubes

System HRPR

High test speed and little mechanical wear are key features of the patented HRP-testing concept. No rotating mechanical components are used.
HRP: Well-proven in the industry for more than 15 years! For tube inspection with automated throughput at high testing speed, special testing chambers with exchangeable probe cassettes were designed. Non-contact ultrasonic coupling is carried out in immersion technique.
The ultrasonic probes are mounted to probe cassettes. The cassettes are available in various sizes depending on the respective tube diameter. All probes are arranged around the tube axis with a fixed distance (sound path) to the tube surface. The sound fields produce overlap in the circumferential and axial direction.

Current Dates

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

18 - 21 November 2019
Annual Conference
Las Vegas

30 March - 03 April 2020
TUBE 2020, Duesseldorf

12 - 14 May 2020
COFREND, Marseille

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