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Wall Thickness Gauge

High precision measurement
with A-scan assistance
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Highest precision for ultrasonic wall thickness measurement

The new A-scan ECHOMETER 1077 comes with individual gate selection and measurement at zero crossing of the signal to ensure highly precise measured values with a measurement uncertainty of up to 0.01 mm, e.g. to meet the requirements of precision tube manufacturing or car body pressing. The measurements can be executed based on the multiple echo principle; as well single element transducers with or without delay line may be employed.
Automatic probe recognition
When the unit is switched on or in case of probe change the data of the probe including its frequency spectrum become determined. This permits automatic selection of the probe parameters.

The A-scan display shows the echo curve
The high-resolution A-scan of the ultrasound signal is especially useful with material that is difficult to measure in terms of sound properties, so to optimize measuring parameters, such as measuring range and evaluation of the signal polarity.

Travel time controls gain
Besides manual and automatic gain adjustment you may select a time-dependent gain correction to compensate for the signal damping of the (up to four) first echoes so they show at the same screen height. This ensures that more well evaluable multiple echoes are available without signal clipping, especially with materials of high signal damping.

High measuring rate
The high measuring rate of up to 100 Hz ensures detection also of small defects when dynamic material scanning is applied. This is particularly helpful in those cases where the residual wall thickness of corroded materials needs to be measured fast and accurately.

Memory and statistics evaluation
Readings and instrument configuration may be stored conveniently in files and transferred to a computer. The statistics evaluation provides minimum and maximum values, mean and standard deviation.

Plain text menu: Selectable from many languages
The user-friendly, multi-lingual menu guidance in plain text ensures optimum measurement selection, as easy as pie.

New: Also available as a multichannel rack version!
For automated, multichannel operation with ample control features the A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 is available as a module for mounting into a 19" rack. More information can be found in the leaflet.

Selection table
If you are uncertain about what type of gauge to take: The following table assists you with the selection of the most suitable gauge version for your application.
Rating symbols:  less suited,  suited,  well suited,  optimally suited

Application ECHOMETER 1077 Data LF
plastics < 10 mm, contact probe
steel < 10 mm, contact probe
probe > 4 MHz
probe < 4 MHz
high-damping materials
The instrument uses single and dual element probes. Single element probes may be used with or without delay line.

Besides probes from the KARL DEUTSCH scope of delivery it is possible, in most cases, to use probes already available with the customer. Physical precondition for this is a broadband frequency response to generate clearly defined short pulse and echo signals.

In contradiction to conventionally designed gauges the A-scan and the measuring points contained therein can be used to judge especially well whether the probe is suitable for the given measurement task.

Selection of probes with and without delay line for the various measuring demands
 Measurement also on coated and multi-layer substrate
Quite often in materials testing, the specimens to be examined are protected by a varnish or plastics coating against environmental impact. Other materials in turn comprise several layers and the thickness to be measured pertains only to one of the different layers.

The ECHOMETER 1077 is able to measure most accurately through coated material and with multi-layer substrates, too:

By means of the BW-BW measuring method the measurement exclusively determines the transit time of successive back wall echoes or echoes generated by separating layers. This permits the determination of wall thickness also through coatings or separating layers providing high accuracy. Usually this only requires echoes of sufficient height at the separating transition zones.

Unaffected by coating: Measurement by evaluating the transit times of backwall echoes (click to enlarge)
Possible coating thickness:
A varnish or plastics layer thickness may have a thickness of up to 4 mm. However, in real life coatings of up to 8 mm thickness often do not pose a problem (depending on material).

Thickness measurement on a rubber-coated metal plate
 Operating menu and indication of measuring results

User interface in the operating window: Menu structure, A-scan indication to show the signal curve with measuring points and large, numerical readings indication and some additional information on the determination of the reading
The convenient menu guidance is selectable from many languages, is very user-friendly and appears in comprehensible plain language. Therefore the measuring parameters can be adjusted and modified very simply.

Understandable and plausible symbols inform on the current operating status.

In display mode "Measuring Result Only" three function keys with freely assignable menu topics are available.

Freely nameable folders and files assist with data storage, just as you are used to on a PC.

The readings are displayed in large and clear digits, optionally together with the current statistics data.

A backlight illumination of the display ensures a convenient operation also in poor light conditions.
 Expansion module

The expansion module Matrix + B-Scan + Extended Storage (art. no. 1910.002) can be activated at any time via a code. The extended memory provides 25 additional data memory locations for up to 999 readings each.
B-scan: The gauge generates a detailed cross-sectional image of the scanned material region. The scaling of the display is automatic or manual.
Matrix memory
Matrix memory: The readings are tabulated in matrix form. Weak spots are shown in a different colour and can be localized accurately.
(2 to 19 lines, 2 to 19 columns, up to 225 matrix cells)
 Two software solutions available for connection to a PC
You can use the PC program EasyExport to transfer all measuring data to Windows® programs (e.g. word processor, spread sheet) at user's option.

 More features
  • Square signal transmitter with a pulse with adapted to the probe for high resolution and energy
  • On calibration: determination of probe properties (like centre frequency and frequency range) and automatic selection of measuring range
  • Automatic set-up for every suitable single element probe
  • For special applications and probes with a high-temperature delay line are available
  • Selectable: automatic gain adjustment and - uniquely world wide - compensation of the material damping by automatic depth correction
  • Delivery in a handy carrying case
  • Configuration management for quick activation of stored settings of standard probes
  • Customized settings can be stored with alphanumerical naming
  • Statistical evaluation:
    • Minimum and maximum values
    • Mean value
    • Standard deviation
  • Limit monitoring
  • Individual storing of calibration in single files
  • Output of readings via the PC interface for use in own applications
  • Robust and sturdy: shock absorbing rubber protective holster with stand
  • Splash-proof housing ( IP 54 )
 The reliable gauge for harsh daily measurement life

Scope of delivery of the ECHOMETER 1077 (example)
The compact size of the gauge (13.1 cm x 8.1 cm x 3.2 cm, incl. rubber protective holster), the minimal power consumption and the long service life of commercially available batteries make the ECHOMETER 1077 ready for versatile daily use.

The instrument is as easy as 150 g and yet robust and splash-proof and it can be operated conveniently with only one hand.

Additional mechanical protection and slip resistance is provided by a rubber holster with integrated stand.

A practical carrying case (left, with sample of equipment) is part of the delivery.
 Ordering information
Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 Data
for exact wall thickness measurement incl. A-Scan, data storage incl. protective rubber holster with pop-up stand, batteries, carrying case, 100 ml couplant ECHOTRACE
Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 Data NF
for exact wall thickness measurement incl. A-Scan, data storage incl. protective rubber holster with pop-up stand, batteries, carrying case, 100 ml couplant ECHOTRACE
Software expansion
Module "Matrix + B-Scan + Extended Memory"
Probe for BW-BW and TP-BW evaluation with delay line
Contact probe DS6 PB4-14 incl. 10 mm delay line, Microdot 1422.001
Special delay line for 6 mm element, 6 mm long 1932.003
Delay line (spare part) for 6 mm element, 10 mm long 1932.001
Probe for BW-BW and TP-BW evaluation with delay line
Contact probe, S 12 PB 1-7 25 mm delay line, Lemo 00 1422.703
Delay line for 12 mm element, 10 mm long 1932.005
Delay Line for 12 mm element, 25 mm long 1932.008
Probes for TP-BW evaluation without delay line
Contact probe DS 6 HB 4-12 Microdot 1432.701
Contact probe DS 12 HB 2-7 Microdot 1433.705
Additional accessories
Probe cable, length 2 m, Lemo 00 / Lemo 00 1616.010
Probe cable, length 2 m, Lemo 00 / Microdot 1618.010
Stepped reference block 2-4-8-12-16-25 mm (steel) 1713.001
Stepped reference block 2-5-10 mm (steel) 1713.002
Protective bag for ECHOMETER 1075, 1076 TC, 1076 Data 1868.003
Battery set NiMH (2 x 1.2 V AA, cap. > 2000 mAh) 6016.001
Charger unit, 230 V, for NiCd/NiMH-batteries (4xAA) 6015.002
ECHOTRACE couplant, 500 cm³ bottle 9000.003
ECHOFLUID couplant, 1 l bottle 9004.002
Spare dust protection for interface socket ECHOMETER 1869.001
PC cable f. ECHOMETER 1077 -> USB (incl. drivers CD) 1657.314
PC Software for Windows XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 (32/64) / 8.1 (32/64) / 10 (32/64)

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30 March - 03 April 2020
TUBE 2020, Duesseldorf

05 - 08 May 2020
Control, Stuttgart

12 - 14 May 2020
COFREND, Marseille

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