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Magnetic Particle Test Bench UWE 600/900

For components up to 900 mm length
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 The New Reference Bench for Workpieces up to 900 mm Length
This flaw detector uses the skin effect of a AC for uniform magnetization and demagnetization without problems, even in case of complicated workpieces. Two phase-shifted AC currents generate a rotating magnetic field; thus cracks of any direction are indicated in a single process.

Operating errors are impossible by automatic cycle sequence (clamping, spraying, magnetizing, re- and demagnetizing). Electronic and pneumatics modules from world-wide well-known manufacturers guarantee highest operational reliability and service, even after many years.

Flanged switch cabinet, well accessible for operation and service. Each spraying shower individually switched on and off: short spraying times and no dribbling. Mechanical guidance outside the wet area, no varnished parts. Stainless steel in the wet area, powder coating outside.

Double versatily:
As a compact unit it can easily be shifted to other places of application.

A stable construction by use of ISO profiles enables a later mounting of tubs, holding devices etc..

FLUXA agent containers with sloping bottom, circulation pump and without corners in the pump range; no sedimentation in the container.

Braided wire contacts are rotatable and vertically adjustable for long tool-life and low contact losses. Adapted inspection cabin and illumination.

Four-fold economy:
  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Low space requirements
  • High life time
  • Easy maintenance
 Applied for Patent: Multiple Magnetization

Step 1

Step 2

(Publication Script DE 3132390 A1)

It is the task of an ideal magnetization unit to test the entire surface of a workpiece with the same strength resp. sensitivity. Up to now, this has been possible at clamping lengths above 600 mm only with a running coil.

For the DEUTROFLUX type UWE 900 now there is the automatic two step-magnetization: During the magnetizing process, first all showers are switched on at a lower magnetizing level adapted to the pole-near ends.

After approx. 4 seconds, the control system automatically switches off the outer showers and the magnetizing power is increased to the pre-selected higher value for about 2 seconds.(step 1)

Then the showers in the middle are also switched off, and approx. 1 second later the magnetization stops as well (step 2).
 Technical data

Front view UWE 600

Front view UWE 900

Top view UWE 600

Top view UWE 900

Component Data:
Max. length: 600 mm (UWE 600) / 900 mm (UWE 900)
Max. diameter: 400 mm
Max. weight: 100 kg
Bench Data:
Mains: 400 V / 50 Hz
Max. current consumption: 50 A (UWE 600) / 70 A (UWE 900)
Max. power consumption: 20 kVA (UWE 600) / 28 kVA (UWE 900)
Control voltage: 24 V =
Control system: SIMATIC SPS
Relative duty cycle: 40 % (60 % on request)
Pressure air: 4 - 6 bar
Air consumption per cycle: 0.5 NI
Clamping stroke: 8 mm standard
(larger on request, w/ two-hand operation)
Total weight: 680 kg (UWE 600) / 780 kg (UWE 900)
(incl. switching cabinet and inspection medium container)
Current Flow:
Max. testing current: 2000 A
No-load voltage: 5 V
Adjustment: infinitely variable
Display: kA, analogue
Flow monitoring: 1 limit value
Field Flow:
Max. flow density: > 1 T,
Number of Ampere turns required for this: 10000 (UWE 600), 14000 (UWE 900)
Adjustment: infinitely variable
Display: % per cent Ampere turns, analogue
Included serially; both directions can be switched off
Release may be selected manually or automatically
De-magnetizing frequency: 50 Hz
De-magnetizing  time: ca. 1 s
Cycle control:
Selectable: without / single cycle / permanent cycle
Magnetizing and spraying time can be adjusted individually
Max. magnetizing time: ca. 6 s
Selectable: manually / automatically
Can be switched off
Container for inspection medium:
Contents: 40 l
Pump, electrical power: 0.78 kW
Pump, delivery: 228 l/min
Pump, delivery head: 2 m approx.
 Ordering information

Basic machine: 3034.001

Spare contact plates: 7236.0101
Heavy duty rollers: 3997.044.17.2
Darkening cabin: 3880.0051
Max. testing current 3000 A: 3000.041
Max. testing current 4000 A: 3000.042
Other mains voltage: 3000.018
Field flow monitoring: 3000.025

Basic machine: 3054.001

Spare contact plates: 7236.0101
Heavy duty rollers: 3997.044.17.2
Two-step magnetization (DBPa): 3001.0011
Darkening cabin: 3880.0071
Max. testing current 3000 A: 3000.041
Max. testing current 4000 A: 3000.042
Other mains voltage: 3000.018
Field flow monitoring: 3000.025

Current Dates

14 - 17 October 2019
28th testXpo, Ulm

18 - 21 November 2019
Annual Conference
Las Vegas

30 March - 03 April 2020
TUBE 2020, Duesseldorf

12 - 14 May 2020
COFREND, Marseille

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