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The data centre on the PC
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Interactive data administration on the PC

The user-friendly PC software iCom is able to take on the entire administration of the measuring data of the gauges Pocket-LEPTOSKOP, LEPTOSKOP 2041/2042, ECHOMETER 1075 Data, ECHOMETER 1076 Data, ECHOMETER 1076 Data TC and RMG 4015. By means of a state-of-the-art, standards compliant user interface and software integration all resources of the PC system (e.g. printer, memory, software) can be used additionally in a quick and easy way.
 Easy data acquisition and administration of the data memory

Besides easy data transfer from the gauge to the PC iCom provides convenient administration of the data memory inside the gauges:
Creating folders and data files, storing, deleting, renaming, moving etc. ... everything works easily and quickly by mouse or keyboard as you are used to on the PC.
Also direct acquisition of results into a data file on the PC is possible. Simply open an existing data file or create a new one via iCom and start measuring. All subsequent results sent from the gauge by keystroke or automatically will be shown on the iCom screen and stored in a file on the PC harddisk.

User interface of iCom (click to enlarge the image)
 Assisting your quality assurance management

Profile diagram of readings (left) and histogram

In addition to the numerical display of the results you can represent them as histogram and/or profile curve.
Both representations of results can be included in the report provided by the software or exported to other programs via the Windows clipboard.
Thus statistical tasks, such as the creation of quality records in a QM system, easily are able to make use of these features.
 At a glance
  • Folders and files of the gauge can be administered in iCom
  • As accustomed to on the PC the data easily can be created, deleted, moved, displayed, printed, copied, designated and copied to the hard disk
  • Optionally the numerical representation of the readings can be completed by a graphical profile curve and/or a histogram
  • Program's own report print-out
  • Transfer of results and graphics to other Windows software
  • Direct data acquisition into the PC
  • Easy input and alteration of measuring parameters

  • Note: Not all of the described functions are available for Pocket-LEPTOSKOP, LEPTOSKOP 2041 and RMG 4015.
 Ordering information
PC-Software iCom
Data administration for the gauges Pocket-LEPTOSKOP, LEPTOSKOP 2041/2042, ECHOMETER 1075 Data, ECHOMETER 1076 Data and ECHOMETER 1076 Data TC, RMG 4015; delivered on a CD in a jewel case, suitable for the operating systems
Windows XP(SP3+) / 2000 / Vista / Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

Current Dates

12 - 14 May 2020
COFREND, Marseille

07 - 11 December 2020
TUBE 2020, Duesseldorf

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