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For more than 70 years, the employees of KARL DEUTSCH are extremly crucial for the sucess of the company. Our specialists are active e.g. for the divisions sales, R&D, mechanical construction, production and logistics in the workshops in Wuppertal. Many employees work for KARL DEUTSCH for decades. Therefore, our customers appreciate the long term and close relationships and they benefit from the know how which has jointly been acquired.

Your career could start in every division. As a market-shaping and family-owned business, we are proud of our employees and we intend to provide a working environment where ideas and innovations are similarly important as good togetherness and a satisfactory life in our city.

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Open Jobs

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KARL DEUTSCH as Employer

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Several examples show different divisions of our company:


Dr. Helge Rast studied physics and is the head of the KARL DEUTSCH application laboratory. He helps our customers with their complex testing tasks.


A view into the testing systems in Works 2: Andrej Zacharias (state certified technician, focus electrical engineering) assembles customer-specific electric cabinets and he also programs the respective PLC.

R&D, Electronic Development

Dipl.-Ing. David Bunse is a good example of working in our electronic development team. He has studied information science and he is responsible for the electronic hard- and software development of testing instruments.

Product-Specific Development

Thomas Grabosch has studied Physics and he develops ultrasonic probes. He receives customer-specific requests and together with his team, he provides the best-possible solutions.


Michael Holzmann (precision mechanic) is part of the production team for ultrasonic probes. For more than seven years he works in this versatile working environment. Soldering, gluing and milling are some of the always new challenges.

Head of laboratory

Timur Sayfullaev (M.Sc.) is the head of the laboratory for ultrasonic testing systems. The examination of customer samples is among his tasks. Hereby, the material properties are evaluated and the detectable defect size is determined.

Warehouse Logistics

Kai Hölzer is an approved professional for warehouse logistics. He takes us into his warehouse and shows us that KARL DEUTSCH products are shipped worldwide.


Be active in the greenest city of Germany

The university city of Wuppertal with the world famous suspension railway is the largest city of the “Bergisches Land” and is also considered as the greenest city of entire Germany. As a company in Wuppertal, our employees enjoy the rich variety of possibilities concerning culture, sports and leisure activities for all interests and ages.

In the middle of the 19th century, Wuppertal was an important hub of industrialization within Europe. Most important industries were the textile and the metal-working industry. Market-leading companies such as BAYER, ERFURT, KNIPEX or VORWERK have their root in Wuppertal.

Today, many market-leading companies in the area of mechanical engineering, automotive, tools and communication electronics are based in Wuppertal.

The Nordbahntrasse Bike Track

We highly appreciate one of the most important measures in infrastructure of the last decades: The “Nordbahntrasse”. By exemplary civic comittment and crucial support of the local economy, a former railroad track was converted into a 22 km long path for walking, biking and roller blading.

The KARL DEUTSCH company was supporting this project and set important impulses such as implementing a bike rental and the renovation of a former railway stop.

Our headquarters are located very near the track which crosses the entire city. Therefore, our employees can enjoy a carless way to work and many use the bike for their daily journey.

Work Together – Spend Time with Each Other

As an owner-managed family company, we put emphasis on the well-being of our employees. This includes meetings and common activities also during leisure time in order to get to know each other. Besides regular summer and Christmas parties with employees and their families, also sport events such as the “Schwebebahnlauf” (Suspension Railway Run) are commonly attended.

The KARL DEUTSCH company was founded in Wuppertal more than 70 years ago. Three generations of the Deutsch family have formed the seven decades. A big celebration was held in 2019 together with customers, long term companions and friends.

An integral part of our company culture is the annual KARL DEUTSCH summer party. We celebrate together with our families in a convivial atmosphere and from mini construction sites to Formula 1 simulators and Segway PT courses, there are always great activities for young and old.

Our Christmas celebrations need not fear comparison with the summer parties – like here, for example, when one of our production halls is transformed into a KARL DEUTSCH Christmas market.

Also in 2019, we have participated at the annual “Schwebebahnlauf” (Suspension Railway Run). Almost 7000 runners made this event a very special one.