Wall Thickness Gauge ECHOMETER 1077 Data

Product Description

With individual setting of monitors and measurements at the zero crossing of the signal, the new A-scan ECHOMETER 1077 provides highly accurate measurement values with a measurement uncertainty of up to 0.01 mm, e. g. to meet the requirements of precision tube manufacturing or car body construction. Multiple echo measurements are employed, as well as mono-element straight probes with and without delay line.

The high-resolution A-scan display of the ultrasound signal is particularly helpful for materials with sound problems in order to optimally adjust measurement parameters such as the measurement range and the evaluation of the signal polarity.

Besides manual and automatic gain control, the selectable automatic depth compensation balances the signal attenuation of up to four of the first echoes and amplifies them to the same screen height. Thus, especially for materials with high signal attenuation, more well-evaluable multiple echoes without signal clipping are usually available.

Key Facts

  • Automatic probe recognition
  • A-scan display to show the echo curve
  • Measuring range 0.25 to 400 mm (depending on probe, material properties and operating mode)
  • Monitoring of limit value
  • Operating modes: transmitter pulse to backwall echo, backwall echo to backwall echo
  • Transit time dependent gain correction
  • High resolution color display with 320 px x 240 px
  • Measurement units: mm, inch, m/s, inch/µs, µs
  • Resolutions: 0.1 mm / 0.01 mm / 0.001 mm
  • Measuring range for sound velocity: 100 – 19,999 m/s
  • Display modes: direct display, average, minimum, difference, relative
  • Various evaluation options: polarity, TP-BE, BE-BE
  • Storage of 20 different configurations possible
  • Configuration for standard applications are firmly memorized in the gauge
  • Memory and statistical analysis
  • Also available as multi-channel rack version (19″)


Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan-ECHOMETER 1077 Data
(order no.: 1077.020)

Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 LF Data
(order no.: 1077.998)

for materials that are difficult to sound through such as plastic and glass-fiber, with special low-frequency probe

Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077 Data
(order no.: 1077.090)

with shortened housing, without own power supply, for automatic applications

Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077,
19“-Rack (order no.: 1077.851)

Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077,
19“-Module (order no.: 1077.801)

Wall Thickness Gauge A-Scan ECHOMETER 1077,
19“-Module, LF (order no.: 1077.802)

The ECHOMETER 1077 Data in a robust protection case

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