Coating Thickness Gauge LEPTOSKOP 2042

Product Description

Depending on the probe, the hand-held device with the clearly arranged display determines the thickness of non-magnetic layers on magnetizable substrates (according to DIN EN ISO 2178) and the thickness of non-conductive layers on non-magnetic, conductive base material using the eddy current principle (according to DIN EN ISO 2360).

External probes are available from a large variety of models, so the most diverse testing problems can be solved.

Key Facts

  • Wide range of calibration options
  • Variable display modes for optimal adaptation to the measuring task*
  • Limit value input and monitoring*
  • Measured value storage* with easy-to-handle file management as under Windows
  • Wide range of statistical evaluation options
  • Data transfer to Windows programs optionally with the PC programs iCom or EasyExport

* depending on the expansion stage


LEPTOSKOP 2042 (order no.: 2042.001)

Device expansion stages

  • Module „Statistics“ (order no.: 2911.001)
  • Module „Statistics and Data Memory“ (order no.: 2911.002)

Standard packages

  • Fe Basic Package (order no.: 2042.901)
  • NFe basic package (order no.: 2042.902)
  • Fe/NFE basic package (order no.: 2042.904)

Statistics packages

  • Statistics package Fe (order no.: 2042.911)
  • Statistics package NFe (order no.: 2042.912)
  • Combination Fe/NFe Statistics Package (order no.: 2042.914)

Data packages

  • Data package Fe (order no.: 2042.921)
  • Data package NFe (order no.: 2042.922)
  • Combination data package Fe/NFe (order no.: 2042.924)

The LEPTOSKOP 2042 in a rugged protective case

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