Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH TTPS Immersion Tank Testing Systems

Product Description

Where high throughput is not the main focus, but highest sensitivity or great flexibility, immersion tank testing systems are often used. Regardless of whether you are looking for the smallest inclusions of large titanium bars at different depths, for example, or whether ball bearing rings are to be inspected for critical defects just below the surface – KARL DEUTSCH offers a suitable solution for virtually any inspection task.

For efficient inspection with many different insonification directions or focus depths or for large inspection volumes, phased array probes are preferred over a cluster of mono-element probes. Because then, the direction and depth of focus can be controlled electronically.

Key Facts

  • Robust testing mechanism made of stainless materials
  • Testing of individual parts with highest testing sensitivity
  • Typical test parts are ball bearings and components from the automotive and aviation industry
  • Number and type of probes depend on the inspection task, inspection sensitivity and throughput

Further Information

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