Coating Thickness Gauge Pocket-LEPTOSKOP

Product Description

The compact design and low price make the Pocket-LEPTOSKOP coating thickness gauge the perfect choice for determining the thickness of coatings on Fe or NFe substrates.

If the acquired measuring data are to be processed in the device, the functional range of the Pocket-LEPTOSCOPE can be extended with the optional module “Statistics & Data Memory”:

  • Stores up to 800 measured values
  • Statistics functions: Minimum, maximum, number of measured values and average
  • Keypad lock, analog display, graphic display of measured values
  • Limit values and offset freely selectable

Key Facts

  • Large numbers for clearly recognizable readings
  • The large display can be rotated with just one button click and allows you to easily read the measured value during overhead measurements
  • Clear, understandable operating instructions via the display
  • Convenient one-hand operation
  • Integrated probe – for non-destructive determination of layer thicknesses of e.g. paint, lacquer, plastic, rubber, chrome, copper, zinc, anodizing etc. on metals


The Pocket-LEPTOSCOPE is available in 3 versions:

Pocket LEPTOSCOPE 2018 (order no. 2018.901)
for thickness measurements of non-electrically conductive coatings on non-magnetic electrically conductive substrates (NFe, e.g. aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, austenite etc.) using the eddy current method (DIN EN ISO 2360).

Pocket-LEPTOSCOPE 2021 (order no. 2021.901)
for thickness measurements of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrate (Fe, e.g. iron, cast iron, steel, nickel, cobalt etc.) according to the magnetic-inductive principle (DIN EN ISO 2178).

Pocket-LEPTOSCOPE 2026 – Combination Probe (order no. 2026.901)
for NFe and Fe measurements. The type of substrate is detected automatically.

Gauge Expansion “Statistics and data storage”
(order no.: 2910.001)

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