Concentration Measuring Instrument ECHOMETER 1076 K

Product Description

The ECHOMETER 1076 K is an instrument for the measurement of sound velocity in liquids. With the help of an immersed special probe, the sound velocity of the liquid is determined, which is a measure for the material concentration.

In the probe there is one ultrasonic transmitter and one ultrasonic receiver located opposite each other. The time of sound is measured which is needed to travel the constant, defined distance between the transmitter and receiver in the liquid. The electronic evaluation unit then calculates the sound velocity which eventually is shown in the display.

Key Facts

  • RS232-interface for output of measured value
  • Piezo oscillator with protective coating to avoid possible damage due to chemical attack of the liquid to be measured


ECHOMETER 1076 K data package (order no.: 1076.912)

The ECHOMETER 1076 K in a robust protective case

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