Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH-ALPT/RPTS Round Billets Testing

Product Description

This system ensures inspection of the entire volume, even for round bars with large diameters (typically 80 mm – 350 mm). The inspection mechanism is designed as a portal or bridge.

The billets are fed into the testing system and set in rotation. The probe holders are mounted on test carriages that move linearly along the bars. Thus, helical test tracks are created. The probe holders are placed on top of the billets. The cardanic suspension of the probe holders ensures good tracking on the surface.

A combination of different directions of insonification makes it possible to find defects both in the core and just below the surface. Although in principle almost identical in construction, KARL DEUTSCH uses the product name RPTS for steel billets and the name ALPT for aluminum billets.

Key Facts

  • Rotating billet inspection for diameters 80 mm – 350 mm
  • 100 % cross-sectional coverage with helical test tracks
  • Variable number of probe holders depending on throughput requirements
  • Cardanic suspension of the probe holder for stable coupling
  • Water jet or gap coupling depending on the test task
  • References for steel and aluminium

Further Information

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