Spot Weld Inspector ScanMaster UT/PRO

Product Description

The Spot Weld Inspector UT/PRO is a new, integrated and rugged model of the UT/MATE systems to perform spot weld testing in industrial environments.

Operation via touch screen is easily possible even with wet hands or gloves. The device comes in a compact housing with ergonomic handle and due to its weight of only 2.3 kg it is predestined for mobile operation. The UT/PRO Spot Weld Inspector is compatible with the widely used UT/MATE system and its applications for testing weld spots.

Key Facts

  • Integrated system with tablet PC
  • Battery operation runtime more than 8 hours
  • Automatic Go / No-Go decision making
  • Automatic classification of the spot weld quality
  • Feedback to the inspector about the correct positioning of the probe in real time
  • Probes with defined sound field dimensions
  • Wide range of available probe diameters
  • Virtually an unlimited number of test setups and A-scans can be stored
  • Identification of intermediate peaks
  • Support of 2, 3 and 4 plate combinations
  • Sound velocity calculator
  • Backup function with automatic scheduling assistant
  • Merge feature for adding local changes in the inspection plan
  • Network connection for data exchange (SpotWeld Connect)
  • External data management (UltraSPIS)
  • Generation of test reports


Spot Weld tester ScanMaster UT/PRO
(order no.: 6150.130)

Spot Weld Inspector ScanMaster UT/PRO with tablet and input pen

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