Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGARPH STPS PAUT Phased Array Testing of Bars

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Key Facts

  • Rapid bar testing for diameters 15 mm – 130 mm
  • Linear bar transport (up to 2 m/s)
  • 5 phased array probes
  • Coupling via water jets (squirters)
  • Very fast changeover
  • Compensation of straightness tolerances by spring-loaded suspension of the probe holders
  • Short untested ends

Product Description

The phased array version ECHOGRAPH STPS PAUT of the conventional bar testing system ECHOGRAPH STPS allows for a fast 100 % inspection of the volume. Five probes generate overlapping sector scans with up to 20 shots each. In total, up to 120 parallel test channels are used.

The typical diameter range of bars to be tested covers 15 mm to 130 mm. The bars are transported through the testing system at speeds of up to 2 m/s.

The mechanical design is simple and compact. Very short changeover times (approx. five minutes) are possible due to simultaneous adjustment of all probe holders. The probe coupling is carried out wear-free via water jets (squirters). The spring-loaded suspension of the probe holders compensates the unavoidable mechanical straightness tolerances of the bars (typically 1 mm/m – 2 mm/m) and optimizes this type of system for testing of black bars.

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