Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauge LEPTO-Pen

Product Description

If the high precision of electronic coating thickness gauges is not required, there is a simple and inexpensive alternative. For these applications the coating thickness gauge LEPTO-Pen is the right choice. The LEPTO-Pen works on commercially available unhardened steel according to the well-known adhesive force principle (EN ISO 2178). It consists of a precision magnet and a mechanical spring balance whose scale is calibrated and labeled in µm coating thickness.

Key Facts

  • Measuring range: 10 to 500 µm / 0.25 to 20 mils
  • Scale 0 to 800 µm / 0 to 30 mils
  • Measuring uncertainty in the measuring range: +/- 10% +/- 3 µm
  • Service life: min. 500.000 measuring cycles


LEPTO-Pen Type 2091 (order no.: 2091.001)

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