ECHOVIEW – Software for System Control

Product Description

ECHOVIEW is a modular software developed for ultrasonic testing. ECHOVIEW is available in Basic and Industrial versions. All process steps are covered, starting with the configuration of the system and the parameterization of various ultrasonic electronics, through the recording, analysis and visualization of the measured values to the automatic generation of test protocols.

Depending on the test task, the recorded amplitude or wall thickness values can be displayed, for example, as a strip chart or a C-scan. Evaluation algorithms with flaw tables and reports can be implemented individually for a given application. With the help of interfaces to higher-level systems, a high degree of automation can be realized.

ECHOVIEW works with various ultrasonic electronics, which can also be combined. In the case of phased array systems, for example, delay laws specific to the test piece are calculated. These are then used to execute ultrasonic testing.

Key Facts

  • Windows-based software
  • Traceable and comprehensible data and settings
  • Supported ultrasonic electronics:
    ECHOGRAPH 1156
    ECHOGRAPH 1170
    M2M Panther


ECHOVIEW Basic – Routine Testing
(only with ECHOGRAPH 1170 BASIC)

ECHOVIEW Basic – Strip Chart
(only with ECHOGRAPH 1170 BASIC)

ECHOVIEW Basic – C-Scan
(only with ECHOGRAPH 1170 BASIC)

ECHOVIEW Industrial

Further Information

Things to know and accessories: