Crack Depth Meter RMG 4015

Product Description

The crack depth determination by means of the potential probe method is based on the measurement of electrical resistance between two points on the surface of a metallic workpiece.

The Crack Depth Meter RMG 4015 measures crack depths on workpieces made of steel, iron and austenite and can also be used for cracks on copper, brass and aluminium and on most non-ferrous metals. Special probes are available for the measurement of inclined cracks. The RMG 4015 is an ideal supplement to PT or MT testing.

Key Facts

  • Measuring range: 0 mm to 99.9 mm in electrically conductive materials like iron or steel, 0 mm to 12 mm in aluminum, copper, brass
  • Crack depth measurement is also possible on inclined cracks in ferromagnetic materials
  • Special probes for complex shaped surfaces and difficult to access measurement locations are available
  • RS232-interface: Transfer measuring protocols to a PC
  • Multi-point material correction function to optimize the measurement results


Crack Depth Meter RMG 4015 (order no.: 4015.003)

Standard probes

  • Crack depth probe RMSQ 0° (order no.: 4418.001)
  • Crack depth probe RMSL 0° (order no.: 4416.001)
  • Crack depth probe RMSQ 90° (order no.: 4417.001)

Special probes for inclined crack measurement:

  • Crack depth probe RMSL-S 0° incl. external magnet and cable
    (order no.: 4421.001)
  • Crack depth probe RMSL-S 90° incl. external magnet and cable
    (order no.: 4420.001)

The RMG 4015 in a robust protective case

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