Gauge for Magnetic Field Strength, UV and White Light

Product Description

The DEUTROMETER is an instrument for measuring magnetic direct and alternating fields in the low frequency range (20 Hz to 500 Hz). With a special probe, the measurement of UV and white light illuminance is also possible.

In the field of non-destructive crack detection of magnetizable workpieces, the instrument is used for

  • Measurement of the tangential field strength during magnetisation
  • Measurement of the residual field after demagnetization
  • Measurement of the flux density (Teslameter)

For a standard-compliant MT and PT test, the viewing conditions need to be monitored. A special probe, the DEUTROLIGHT sensor, enables the combined measurement of UV and white light illuminance. Here, the lux illuminance measurement is not influenced by the UV radiation, so that a measurement (in compliance with ISO 3059) is possible even when the UV lamp is switched on.

Key Facts

  • Measurands:
    Field measurement: Magnetic field strength H or induktion B (in air) in direct (DC) and alternating fields (AC)
    Light measurement: UV irradiance Ee, white light illuminance Ev
  • Measuring units:
    Field measurement: mT, A/cm, kA/m, Gauss
    UV-light: W/m² or μW/cm²
    White light: lx
  • Operating modes of field measurement:
    a) Measurement of alternating field / direct field (automatic detection)
    b) Measurement of alternating field / direct field (automatic detection) with monitoring of limit values
    c) Measurement of dirct fields (e. g. for residual fields)
    d) Measurement of alternating fields (e. g. measurement of magnetization strength)
  • With automatic measuring mode for easy and fast measurements
  • Meets the requirements of EN ISO 9934-3:2002 chapter 9.3
  • Suitable for testing tasks according to EN ISO 17638 chapter 5.5.2
  • Light measurement: complies with DIN EN ISO 3059:2012


DEUTROMETER (order no.: 3873.001)
Field Strength Meter
DEUTROMETER LIGHT (order no.: 3873.002)
UV and White-Light Meter
DEUTROMETER UNIVERSAL (order no.: 3873.003)
UV, White-Light and Field Strength Meter

Three types of field strength probes are available:

  • Angled 90° (order no.: 3873.101)
  • Straight (order no.: 3873.201)
  • Angled 90°, for transverse fields (order no.: 3873.301)

The DEUTROMETER in a robust protective case

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