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Edition 2023

Our company magazine with current information:

  • In Memoriam – Professor Dr.-Ing. Volker Karl Friedrich Deutsch
  • DEUTROMETER – Now also for measuring UV and white light
  • Forty ECHOGRAPH 1095 and respective probes shipped to the DGZfP
  • ECHOGRAPH 1095: Zentrallabor Leipzig uses KARL DEUTSCH equipment
  • KARL DEUTSCH at the TÜV Austria customer day
  • ECHOGRAPH delayline probes for special applications
  • DIN EN ISO 22232-1: New standard for ECHOGRAPH ultrasonic testing equipment
  • SONATEST phased array flaw detectors
  • ScanMaster UT/X: Probes with replaceable cable
  • ScanMaster UT/X: “Arplas Weld” testing
  • DEUTROFLUX: New MT systems for SCHMIEDAG after the flood
  • ECHOGRAPH RPTS: Testing of aluminium bars at the company IMPOL in Slovenia
  • KD-CHECK-SYSTEM: PT testing system for ceramic rings
  • FLUXA HRS: Water-based magnetic particle concentrate

…and many more…

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