Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH-BAPS Strips and Plates Testing System

Product Description

Welded pipes are produced from rolled, “endless” strips (or individual sheets), which must be checked for laminar imperfections and minimum wall thickness. The BAPS strip inspection system was specially developed for this purpose, and scans the strip with probes mounted from above.

By means of water gap coupling, wide TR probes with small dead zones are used. The number of probes depends on the required coverage (25 % to 100 % depending on the specification). Typical sheet thicknesses range from 4 mm to 25 mm, and sheet widths are typically up to 2 m.

The test mechanism is designed as a bridge and is usually equipped with a calibration station. Thus, the probes can be moved from the test position and efficiently calibrated using a motor-driven test sheet.

Key Facts

  • Bridge for strip testing
  • Typical strip widths up to 2 m
  • Typical test sensitivity 3 mm KSR – 6 mm KSR
  • Variable number of probes depending on the required coverage
  • Wide TR probes with small dead zone
  • Separate probes for the strip center and for the strip edges
  • Calibration station for efficient verification of probes and sensitivity

Further Information

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