Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH-RPTR Inspection Portal or Inspection Bridge for Tubes

Product Description

This system is a well-established inspection concept for tubes with a typical diameter between 80 mm and 350 mm. The inspection mechanism is designed as a portal or bridge.

The tubes are fed into the testing system and rotated. The probe holders are mounted on test carriages that move linearly along the tube. Thus, helical testing tracks are created. The probe holders are placed on top of the tubes. The cardanic suspension of the probe holders ensures good tracking on the surface. Depending on the inspection task, separate probes are provided (longitudinal defects, transverse defects, oblique defects, laminations, wall thickness).

Key Facts

  • Rotating tube inspection for diameters 80 mm – 350 mm
  • 100 % cross-sectional coverage with helical testing tracks
  • Variable number of probe holders or probes depending on throughput requirements
  • Cardanic suspension of the probe holder for stable coupling
  • Use of conventional or phased array probes

Further Information

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