Ultrasonic Testing System ECHOGRAPH-HRPS Bar Testing

Product Description

ECHOGRAPH-HRPS systems are used for the rapid testing of bars in the diameter range from typically 7 mm to 90 mm. The bars are conveyed linearly through the testing machine (with up to 2 m/s). Testing is carried out using immersion technology, which means that the part of the bar to be tested is completely immersed in water. The system uses a sealed water chamber and probe cassettes where the ultrasonic probes encircle the bar.

In contrast to inspection systems with rotating probes, this inspection system works virtually free of wear. The combination of angle shots in both circumferential directions and vertical shots results in a 100 % inspection of the bar volume. Both conventional and phased array probes can be used. The cassettes and the corresponding probes are available in different sizes depending on the bar diameter.

Key Facts

  • Fast bar inspection for diameters 7 mm – 90 mm
  • Linear bar conveyance (up to 2 m/s)
  • 23 conventional or 4 – 6 phased array probes
  • Coupling in immersion technology
  • Fast changeover
  • Short untested ends

Further Information

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