iCom – Data Management Software

Product Description

With iCom the directories and files of various KARL DEUTSCH measuring instruments can be managed. A wide range of statistical standards are available for this purpose and measured values and graphics can be transferred to other PC programs.

iCom offers both a convenient file management option and a smart method for editing of measured values. A program-specific printed measurement report supports the quality management system in the traceability of production batches.

Key Facts

  • Supported measuring instruments:
    LEPTOSKOP 2042
    ECHOMETER 1075 Data
    ECHOMETER 1076 Data
    ECHOMETER 1076 TC Data
    ECHOMETER 1077 Data (in preparation)
    RMG 4015
    Note: Not all of the described functions can be used with the instruments Pocket-LEPTOSKOP and RMG 4015.
  • Optional extension of the numerical display by a graphical profile and/or a histogram
  • Supported PC operating systems: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11
  • Supported languages: German, English, Chinese


Data Management Software iCom (order no.: 2906.001)

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