Reference Magnet and Zero Field Chamber

Product Description

The Reference Magnet and the Zero Field Chamber are used to check and adjust the Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER.

For this purpose, the Reference Magnet generates a static magnetic field of defined magnitude (checking the measured value) and the Zero Field Chamber shields the measuring probe of the Field Strength Meter to a large extent against external radiation interference and the magnetic earth field (zero point adjustment).

Key Facts

  • The static magnetic field generated in air is (at a distance of 500 mm): H < 0.4 kA/m and B < 0.5 mT. The individual single value is engraved on the top of the housing. Safety note: The reference magnet still generates a residual field of H < 0.4 kA/m or < 0.5 mT at a distance of 500 mm.


Reference Magnet (order no.: 3872.601)
Zero Field Chamber (order no.: 3872.701)

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