Ultrasonic Flaw Detector ECHOGRAPH 1095

Product Description

The ideal instrument for manual ultrasonic testing is equipped with the advantages of digital testing technology: robust mechanical and electronic components with a large, high-contrast screen and convenient, practical operator guidance make it virtually indestructible even in rough operating conditions and outdoors. In addition, the device also has a depth compensation and a back wall echo drop.

Optional enhancements with encoder use: Strip Chart and TOFD
With strip chart recording, the position for the respective amplitude is determined by a linear encoder and transmitted digitally to the device. The TOFD method (time-of-flight diffraction technique) established for weld seam testing allows the determination of defect position and size by evaluating diffraction signals generated at the edges of dicontinuities located in the sound path.

Results of wall thickness measurements can be stored in the cells of a matrix grid. Measuring points of the part to be tested are assigned to corresponding cells of the matrix grid. A color-coded visualization of the measured values within the matrix allows for a quick assessment of the flaw distribution, e.g. during the measurement of residual wall thickness on a pipeline.

A user-friendly system guide also supports less experienced ultrasonic testers in probe handling and instrument adjustment: Simply activate the wizard and then follow the instructions on the screen.

Key Facts

  • Light-weight (2 kg) and handy, H x W x D: 138 mm x 249 mm x 52 mm without protective frame, 149 mm x 262 mm x 54 mm incl. protective frame
  • Very large, high-contrast TFT color display (7 inch, resolution 800 x 480 pixels) with automatic brightness control and wide viewing angle
  • Plain text menu with safe and self-explanatory user guidance for simple and complete adjustments, support of the inspector during probe handling and instrument adjustment (DGS, DAC, TCG, AWS, JIS…)
  • 3 monitor gates with 3 assigned indication lamps
  • Pulse repetition frequency: up to 5000 Hz
  • Matrix storage
  • TOFD
  • B-scan representation
  • Strip chart


ECHOGRAPH 1095 Basic (order no.: 1095.020)

ECHOGRAPH 1095 DAC/TCG/AWS (order no.: 1095.030)

ECHOGRAPH 1095 DGS/DAC/TCG (order no.: 1095.040)

ECHOGRAPH 1095 DGS/DAC/TCG/AWS/JIS (order no.: 1095.050)

A subsequent upgrade to a more extensive stage of expansion is possible at any time.

The following extensions are optionally available:

  • Module “Matrix & B-, L-Scan & TOFD” for ECHOGRAPH 1095 (order no.: 1910.502)
  • Module “Output” for ECHOGRAPH 1095 (order no.: 1910.503)
  • Time-base extension to 50 m for ECHOGRAPH 1095 Basic (order no.: 1910.504)

The ECHOGRAPH 1095 in robust protective case

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