Local Commitment

KARL DEUTSCH has its roots in Wuppertal for more than 70 years. As a part of the industrial heritage of the city, we assume today responsibility for Wuppertal’s citizens but also for the society in general. Our actions shall be responsible with respect to our environment and our employees. Some projects where KARL DEUTSCH was involved shall now be highlighted

Support of Junior Scientists

KARL DEUTSCH supports numerous projects in order to encourage young students to become interested in technical contents. There are many cooperations with the technically-oriented schools of the “Bergisches Land” and with local universities. The SchoolPOOL project of the University of Wuppertal improves the physics lessons by providing experimental setups which can be ordered for free. The Röntgen high school in Remscheid has acquired extensive NDT instrumentation.

Students of the University of Wuppertal received a lecture on NDT while visiting KARL DEUTSCH

Junior Uni Wuppertal

The junior university is a unique teaching and research facility for young people from the kindergarden age until high school. In the privately funded institution, young people can experience technology and science in the afternoons in voluntarily attended courses. With the guidance of experts various offers can be tried out without any pressure of obtaining marks.

The Junior Uni was opened in 2008 and since then attracted attention nation-wide. In 2013, the new building near the river Wupper was ceremonially opened. Currently, approximately 150 lecturers provide courses for more than 8,000 young scientists annually. Also employees of KARL DEUTSCH regularly share their knowledge with the youth.

Junior Uni Wuppertal: The new building directly next to the Schwebebahn is newly decorated with a sculpture of Tony Cragg (Picture: Junior Uni Wuppertal/Uwe Schinkel).

Nordbahntrasse Wuppertal

The 23-kilometer-long Nordbahntrasse, initiated by association “Wuppertalbewegung“, is an important tourism and leisure project for the city of Wuppertal. KARL DEUTSCH has taken on a sponsorship that guarantees the maintenance and expansion of a section of the track in the future.

The “Nordbahntrasse” bike track in Wuppertal (picture: Wuppertalbewegung/Rolf Dellenbusch)

Circular Valley

KARL DEUTSCH promotes circular value creation with Circular Valley

Circular Valley stands for a globally unique hotspot for the establishment of circular value creation, with the aim of developing technologies that counteract the increasing problem of over 100 billion tons of global emissions (CO2, construction waste, production waste, household waste) a year.

KARL DEUTSCH has joined Circular Valley as an industry partner, in order to develop and implement ideas for the circular economy together with start-ups and other members of the partnership network.

Demo-Day of Circular Valley in the Visiodrom Wuppertal (picture: Circular Valley)

Solar Decathlon Europe 21»22

The Solar Decathlon Europe is the largest international university competition for sustainable building and living in cities. In June 2022, the Solar Decathlon Europe 21»22 will come to Germany for the first time, and also for the first time, it will be dedicated to concrete building tasks in existing buildings. The 18 university teams from eleven nations are to develop concepts for sustainable building gap closures, additions and extensions.

In times of increasing “urbanisation” worldwide and advancing climate change, the Solar Decathlon Europe 21»22 for the first time confronts the teams with real-life challenges of energy-related urban redevelopment: closing gaps between buildings, adding storeys and renovations. The design by the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences focuses on the addition of more storeys to the nationally renowned Café ADA in the Mirke district of Wuppertal. The Café ADA is used as a restaurant, dance and event location. Adding more storeys to the building would be an important step towards sustainable urban densification and upgrading the residential neighbourhood.

KARL DEUTSCH is particularly pleased to be a sponsor of the interdisciplinary team at the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences.

Visualization for the storey addition of the Cafe ADA in Wuppertal

More Projects

We support the largest local bike fair, the “Bergische Velo”.

KARL DEUTSCH is supporting of the Von der Heydt Museum which has an extensive collection of impressionism and expressionism paintings. Therefore, friends and employees of the company always have free access to the museum.

Art as an expression of creativity is extremly crucial for us. We also support the local artist association BKG with their tasks as the largest artist association in the region.