Demagnetizing Coils

Product Description

Our ESV demagnetising coils can be used to remove residual magnetism from the surface of ferromagnetic components. It does not matter whether the existing remanence on the surface has been caused by previous testing in a DEUTROFLUX Magnetic Particle Testing System or by other processing steps in production.

The components are moved through the coil for the demagnetisation process. Belts, chutes or other transport devices are used for this purpose. The ESV coils are connected directly to 400 V / 50 Hz and are designed for continuous operation. Demagnetising is achieved by a decreasing alternating field which is generated during transport out of the coil. The penetration depth of the alternating field is approx. 2 mm.

Key Facts

  • Connection to 400 V / 50 Hz alternating voltage
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Magnetic field strength at coil centre: > 20 kA/m
  • Extensive range of accessories and special solutions available
  • Demagnetisating trials are possible in the technical centre at KARL DEUTSCH


ESV standard coils are available in various sizes, each with a square inner opening from 100 mm x 100 mm to 500 mm x 500 mm. Other sizes and rectangular shapes can be offered on request. All coils are also available in a moulded, waterproof version under the designation MSV. Conveyor belts, inclined racks with chute and, for special cases, also curtail electronics and low-frequency generators are available as accessories.

  • ESV 100 S (order no.: 3601.1)
  • ESV 150 S (order no.: 3602.1)
  • ESV 200 S (order no.: 3603.1)
  • ESV 300 S (order no.: 3604.1)
  • ESV 400 S (order no.: 3605.1)
  • ESV 500 S (order no.: 3606.1)

The numbers in the type designation stand for the side length [mm] of the square inner opening.

Further Information

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