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    General Info on Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors and AccessoriesECHOGRAPH 1095 (portable)Accessories for Ultrasonic Testing

    General Info on Ultrasonic Testing SystemsUltrasonic Inspection of Aluminium Round Billets ALPT/RPTSUltrasonic Inspection of Strips and Plates BAPSUltrasonic Inspection of Tubes HRPRUltrasonic Inspection of Tubes HRPSUltrasonic Inspection of Billets KNPSUltrasonic Inspection of Tube Ends REPSUltrasonic Inspection of Tubes RPSR (helical feeding)Ultrasonic Inspection of Tubes RPTR (with testing portal)Ultrasonic Inspection of Rails SCHNUltrasonic Inspection of ERW Pipes SNHFUltrasonic Inspection of LSAW Pipes SNULUltrasonic Inspection of HSAW Pipes SNUSUltrasonic Inspection of Bars STPSUltrasonic Inspection of Bars STPS-PAUT (testing with phased arrays)Ultrasonic Inspection with the Immersion Tank Testing System TTPSUltrasonic Electronics ECHOGRAPH 1170 (modular UT-electronics for 4/8/12 channels)

    KARL DEUTSCH Ultrasonic ProbesPhased Array Probes (manual and mechanized testing)

    General Info on Phased Array UTGEKKO (portable phased array UT instrument)MANTIS (portable and compact phased array UT instrument)MultiX++ (parallel technique, system design, 32-channel layout)PANTHER (PAUT electronics)

    General Info on Ultrasonic Spot Weld TestingScanMaster UT/X, Phased Array (consulting and sales for Germany only)ScanMaster UT/PRO, Self-Contained System with Tablet (consulting and sales for Germany only)ScanMaster UT/MATE, w/ or w/o Laptop (consulting and sales for Germany only)

    General Info on Wall Thickness GaugesECHOMETER 1076 Basic (solid base for wall thickness and sound velocity measuring)ECHOMETER 1076 Data (the innovative combi instrument with data memory and PC-interface)ECHOMETER 1076 TC (measuring also with coated substrate)A-Scan-ECHOMETER 1077 Data (portable gauge or multichannel rack: highly precise measurement with A-scan display)

    General Info on Coating Thickness GaugesPocket-LEPTOSKOP (integrated probe)LEPTOSKOP 2042 (external probes)LEPTO-Pen 2091 (mechanical measurement)LEPTOSKOP Tube Measurement Appliance (special application)LEPTOSKOP Probe Positioning Device (robust tool w/ stand)LEPTOSKOP Positioning Aids for Micro ProbesWet Film Thickness Gauge 2830 (comb to dip into liquid films)

    General Info on Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Machines and AccessoriesMagnetic Particle Crack Detection Machine UWS (moving coil for long specimens)Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Machine UMTMagnetic Particle Crack Detection Machine EW (economically reasonable solution in table design)DEUTROMAT Chain Conveyor (automatic part transport)DEUTROMAT Railway (testing of rail components)DEUTROMAT Multi-Contact (several magnetizing units)DEUTROMAT Couplings (testing of pipe couplings)DEUTROFLUX Memory II (testing w/ memorized parameters)DEUTROFLUX Demagnetizing Coils (demagnetizing outside the machine)DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke (mobile crack detection outside the machine)DEUTROPULS Current Generator (mobile high current generator to connect current poles)DEUTROPULS Hand Yoke Attachment Poles (testing in compliance w/ the DASt-Guideline 022)Field Strength Meter DEUTROMETER 3873Residual Field Indicator 3821Reference Block 1 according to DIN EN ISO 9934-2, order no.: 6904.001Reference Block 2 according to DIN EN ISO 9934-2, order no.: 6904.002FLUXA Test BlockFLUXA Indication Media

    General Info on Penetrants and AccessoriesKD-Check Penetrants and Accessories for penetrant testingTest Block Type 2 according to DIN EN ISO 3452-3, order no.: 9992.100KD-CHECK Stationary testing system for penetrant testingKD-CHECK Systems for penetrant testing

    UV-LED Hand Lamp 3817 (portable, UV and white light switchable)UV-LED Large Area Lamp 3846 (stationary operation, UV and white light switchable, optional connection in series)

    General Information on Crack Depth MeterCrack Depth Meter RMG 4015 (external probe, also for inclined cracks)

    General Information on SoftwareSoftware iCom (data administration for many LEPTOSKOP and ECHOMETER types and the RMG 4015)Software EasyExport (replacing input via the keyboard by data transfer to PC-programs via the interface)Software eCom 95 (administer data sets of the ECHOGRAPH 1095 with the aid of a PC)CAPTURE (operating software for GEKKO and MANTIS, also for PC)

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