Spot Weld Inspector ScanMaster UT/MATE

Product Description

The Spot Weld Inspector UT/MATE was developed in the 1990s in close cooperation with the automotive industry and has been continuously improved ever since. The destructive method for assessing the quality of spot welds, which was still frequently used at that time, was supplemented and continuously replaced by a non-destructive testing technique based on ultrasound.

Spot weld inspection with the UT/MATE Spot Weld Inspector is based on the comparison of a defined sound beam diameter with the welding lens to be tested. The use of this method reduces the testing time, works in a material-friendly manner and provides quick feedback on the welding process. Sophisticated evaluation algorithms support the inspector during evaluation and the test results stored in databases allow extensive statistical analyses.

Key Facts

  • Available with and without PC
  • Integration with operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32/64 bit)
  • Automatic Go / No-Go decision making
  • Automatic classification of the spot weld quality
  • Feedback to the inspector about the correct positioning of the probe in real time
  • Probes with defined sound field dimensions
  • Wide range of available probe diameters
  • Virtually an unlimited number of test setups and A-scans can be stored
  • Identification of intermediate peaks
  • Support of 2, 3 and 4 plate combinations
  • Sound velocity calculator
  • Backup function with automatic scheduling assistant
  • Merge feature for adding local changes in the inspection plan
  • Network connection for data exchange (SpotWeld Connect)
  • External data management (UltraSPIS)
  • Generation of test reports


Spot weld inspector ScanMaster UT/MATE with rugged industrial laptop
(order no.: 6150.100)

Spot weld inspector ScanMaster UT/MATE with standard laptop
(order no.: 6150.110)

Spot weld inspector ScanMaster UT/MATE without computer
(order no.: 6150.120)

Spot Weld Inspector ScanMaster UT/MATE with laptop computer, probe, electronics unit and remote control

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