Portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector GEKKO

Product Description

The portable GEKKO phased array test system has up to 64 parallel PA channels and 4 additional conventional connectors. An intuitive user interface allows quick parameterization of the system as well as individual and group examinations (max. 8). Combinations of PA applications with each other or with conventional processes (e.g. TOFD) can be defined quickly and flexibly.

The GEKKO was the first PA system ever to have the ability to perform real-time testing using the Total Focusing Method (TFM). Over the years, this technique has been refined and optimized, so today even fast scans with x-y scanners are possible and with long sound paths testing can be executed with highest sensitivity.

Key Facts

  • CIVA-supported creation of test parameters and thus very fast calculation of delay laws even for complex test problems (matrix arrays, curved components)
  • Total Focusing Method (TFM) in real time
  • Extensive result representations (A-, B-, C-, D-scans, top view, side view, 3D representation, dynamic curves etc.)
  • Extremely low crosstalk between adjacent channels (cross-talk attenuation > 50 dB), thus good signal-to-noise ratio in the A-scan and high-contrast B- and C-scans
  • 3 Encoder inputs
  • Runtime and angle dependent sensitivity adjustment, DGS


The portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector GEKKO is available with eight expansion stages:

  • GEKKO 32:128PR (order no.: 1042.001)
  • GEKKO 32:128PR-TFM32 (order no.: 1042.002)
  • GEKKO 32:128PR-TFM64 (order no.: 1042.003)
  • GEKKO 64:64PR (order no.: 1042.004)
  • GEKKO 64:64PR-TFM64 (order no.: 1042.005)
  • GEKKO 64:128PR (order no.: 1042.006)
  • GEKKO 64:128PR-TFM64 (order no.: 1042.007)
  • GEKKO 64:128PR-TFM128 (order no.: 1042.008)

The operating software of the GEKKO is available with two license periods each:

  • CAPTURE™ GO for GEKKO, licensed 12 months (order no.: 1042.200)
  • CAPTURE™ GO for GEKKO, licensed 60 months (order no.: 1042.205)
  • ATFM module for 1042.005/007/008, licensed 12 months (order no.: 1042.210)
  • ATFM module for 1042.005/007/008, licensed 60 months (order no.: 1042.215)


x:y = number of parallel PA channels : maximum number of PA channels
PR = Pulser Receiver
TFM = Total Focusing Method
ATFM = Adaptive TFM

The portable Phased Array Ultrasonic Flaw Detector GEKKO in a robust protective case

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