Magnetic Particle Crack Detection Accessories

Residual field indicator

ASTM Sedimentation Glass

For the determination of the percentage of solid components in the examination medium for Magnetic Particle Inspection, preferably in case of fresh suspensions.

Order Information

  • ASTM Sedimentation Glass, Centrifuge Tube
    (order no.: 6901.001)
  • Stand for Sedimentation Glass
    (order no.: 9804.002)


Refillable pump spray bottle for convenient and environmentally friendly spraying of the test medium. After a few pumping actions before use, the entire contents can be sprayed.

  • Bottle size: 310 x 120 mm ø
  • Distance handle to nozzle: 210 mm
  • Weight (empty): 460 g
  • Max. pressure: 3 bar

Order Information

  • FLUXA Spray Bottle, 1 litre (order no.: 6303.001)

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