Capture – Operating and Application Software

Product Description

The software “Capture” is used for parameterization and control of the mobile phased array flaw detectors GEKKO and MANTIS as well as for analysis of the acquired data. The PC version provides device-independent creation of data sets and the analysis of existing scan data.

Capture supports conventional ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array UT (PAUT), time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), the total focusing method (TFM) and the adaptive total focusing method (ATFM).

Key Facts

  • Numerous wizards for step-by-step application guidance
  • Comprehensive probe, wedge and scanner libraries
  • Fast and intuitive calibration wizards
  • Integrated focal-law calculator for probe configurations
  • Customizable test report
  • Complete software for PAUT/TFM/TOFD tests
  • Extensive analysis tools


Capture Go (order no. 1042.200 – 12-month license, order no. 1042.205 – 60-month license)
(installed on GEKKO)

Capture Go (order no. 1042.220 – 12-month license, order no. 1042.225 – 60-month license)
(installed on MANTIS)

Capture Companion (order no. 1042.230 – 12-month license, order no. 1042.235 – 60-month license)
(for PC, the economical solution with reduced features compared to the full “Capture” version on the device)

Capture Pro (order no. 1042.240 – 12-month license, order no. 1042.245 – 60-month license)
(for PC, version of the full “Capture” user interface installed on the device)

Capture View (free)
(for PC, with basic features, without parameterization and analysis tools)

Further Information

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