KD-CHECK: Water-Based Suspendable Wet Developer for Penetrant Testing

Wuppertal, Germany, 07 April 2022

Probes for Wall Thickness Measurement

During recent years, the use of waterbased wet developers, both water-soluble and suspendable, has become established in many areas of serial testing of aluminium components.
The newly developed wet developer KD-CHECK WDD provides the advantage that water is used as a carrier medium and thus there is no exposure of the environment or inspectors to solvent vapours. With waterbased wet developers, no highly flammable air-solvent mixtures can form, even in the case of improper handling, which improves operational safety. In addition, KD-CHECK WDD does not require special labelling. When used in PT systems, it is also advantageous that you can omit the use of drying ovens in most cases after intermediate cleaning when operated with preheated immersion tanks. KARL DEUTSCH now offers the typetested, water-based suspendable wet developer (form c) KD-CHECK WDD, order no. 9923, according to DIN EN ISO 3452-1, for testing with fluorescent penetrants. Of course, we are happy to provide samples for our customers.



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