Magnetic Particle Crack Detector DEUTROFLUX UMT 350/600/900

Product Description

The DEUTROFLUX UMT crack detection system sets new standards in magnetic particle crack detection. With its three model variants (350/600/900), the UMT series was developed for crack detection on a wide variety of forgings and castings up to 900 mm component length. In the basic version the test current is 2000 A. In special versions test currents up to 5000 A are possible. All machines of the UMT series are designed as standing workstations. The switch cabinet is permanently connected to the machine body, eliminating the need for extensive cabling work on site.

As a compact and forklift-compatible unit, all machines in the UMT series can be moved to other locations very easily.

Key Facts

  • Two phase-shifted alternating currents generate a rotating magnetic field and indicate cracks in any direction in a single operation
  • Use of the alternating current skin effect for uniform magnetization and problem-free demagnetization, even with complicated workpieces
  • Minimization of operating errors through automatically running test cycles (clamping, rinsing, magnetizing, magnetizing/demagnetizing, relaxation)
  • High operational reliability and trouble-free service for many years due to components from renowned manufacturers
  • Flanged control cabinet, easily accessible for operation and service
  • ISO profiles enable subsequent attachment of trays, helpful accessories, holders, etc.
  • Each rinsing shower is individually adjustable and can be pneumatically switched on and off together: Short rinsing times, no dripping


Crack Detector DEUTROFLUX UMT 350 (Art. No.: 3026.001)
up to 350 mm clamping length and 75 kg component weight

Crack Detector DEUTROFLUX UMT 600 (Art. No.: 3036.001)
up to 600 mm clamping length and 75 kg test piece weight

Crack Detector DEUTROFLUX UMT 900 (Art. No.: 3056.001)
up to 900 mm clamping length and 75 kg test piece weight

We offer an extensive portfolio of options and extensions for all machine types:

  • Darkening cabin
  • Transport rollers on the machine frame for easy transport to different places of use
  • Full wave DC (FWDC) for current and field flow
  • Maximum AC test current: 5000 A effective
  • Field flow control
  • Low frequency demagnetization
  • Memory Operation via Siemens touch panel with parameter memory and possibility of data storage for documentation on external storage media or directly on the network server
  • Customized test part fixtures
  • Motorised turning devices for rotationally symmetrical parts
  • Customised contact plates and magnetising mandrels
  • Contact rockers for testing fork-shaped test pieces
  • Trolley for the test agent container (for cleaning and maintenance purposes outside the machine)
  • The control cabinet can be flanged to the left or right of the machine frame (at no extra charge), alternatively a free-standing control cabinet is also possible.
  • UV lamp holder optionally axially adjustable or freely adjustable in any direction with support arm
  • Test equipment circuit as ring flushing (avoidance of test equipment deposits during test breaks)
  • Special rinsing for complex geometries
  • Equipment of the test equipment circuit for the use of oil-based test equipment (safety devices fire and explosion protection to prevent oil ignition in case of sparking or overtemperature).
  • Special paint finishes
  • Remote servicing via network or mobile phone networks